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26 year-old male from Grand Blanc, MI
So I'm Justin, for the past 3 years I've worked for General Motors in Brake Development as basically what amounts to a hybrid between a test driver and mechanic. I'm a closet gamer whenever I'm not tinkering with something... And yes my username is terrible and childish but I made back in 2004 when I fit the bill but I managed to be user # 4505 so I just couldn't bring myself to make a new one.
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Facebook works in mysterious waysAs Facebook has evolved from a computer based social media site, that could only spam you with game and group requests when you're at your computer, to one that constantly pings your smart phone courtesy of push notifications... The 'people you might know' function has maintained a consistent level of useless with my reaction usually being some variety of "Nope, never heard of them".

Well surprising enough it finally got one right but I have no idea how it came to it's conclusion. The notification was for none other than @LoZelda... What makes this so odd to me is I've never posted any RT stuff on Facebook (Other than liking RT and AH) and I'm not friends with anyone from the site on there either. We live on opposite sides of the state. We have no friends, schooling, or occupations in common. So as far as I can tell I paired us as potential friends based solely on liking the RT page... Well done Facebook, you finally got one right lol
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Name Justin
Occupation Brake System Tester at the GM Proving Grounds (Milford, MI)
Birthday February 8th, 1989
Games Show 3 More
Music Love Country but will basiclly listen to anything that isn't Rap
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