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26 year-old male from Grand Blanc, MI
So I'm Justin, for the past 3 years I've worked for General Motors in Brake Development as basically what amounts to a hybrid between a test driver and mechanic. I'm a closet gamer whenever I'm not tinkering with something... And yes my username is terrible and childish but I made back in 2004 when I fit the bill but I managed to be user # 4505 so I just couldn't bring myself to make a new one.
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WARNING: Car StuffHey everybody,

I haven't made a journal or been on the site in general recently for one reason or another (nice weather means suddenly everyone is in the spring cleaning inspired mood of "I've been putting off fixing my car but if you have any free time I could use some help"). So I figured I'd share the excitement of my drive home from work.

I try not to go on about my job very often because I acknowledge it bores most people to sleep but for those who don't know I work in brake testing and development for GM. Which has lead me to come to the very firm belief that ABS is a necessity. Some cars still don't come with ABS standard (it's cheaper) like the Chevy Cobalt and HHR or the Dodge Avenger. Its a common argument that people make "It causes you to take longer to stop" 1 of 1,000 situations they are right but in the rest ABS is a valuable asset. Especially when said person isn't the best driver. For instance it allows a panicking driver to steer their car while standing on the brake pedal... But I'm not going to go into a rant on all that stuff today, on with the story already

On my way home on US-23 there is a particularly short on / off ramp combination that always causes a conflict between people getting on or off and the regular highway traffic. Well the fore mentioned excitement occurred when about 50 ft ahead of me a merging car decided to cut-off an Avenger because he wouldn't let him over or something and the Avenger driver panicked and hit the brakes hard. The Avenger's wheels locked, the car began to rotate and made it about 30 degrees to the left (this is the part where ABS comes in handy) before letting off the brake causing the car to suddenly veer over into the left lane and have just enough time to correct and catch the car before he left the road.

So that was about it I almost got to see an accident up close and personal. Everyone survived unscathed...

But that's enough from me ...
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