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25 year-old male from Grand Blanc, MI
So I'm Justin, for the past 3 years I've worked for General Motors in Brake Development as basically what amounts to a hybrid between a test driver and mechanic. I'm a closet gamer whenever I'm not tinkering with something... And yes my username is terrible and childish but I made back in 2004 when I fit the bill but I managed to be user # 4505 so I just couldn't bring myself to make a new one.
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Lazer Team leak!Watching the behind the scenes video that came out yesterday when I realized you can see our own @LoZelda making an appearance in the online audition portion (at about the 32 sec mark). So I guess that makes her journal about job woes is just a cover to sneak away to be in a movie... We're on to you Jenn lol. Ok you caught me the second half is BS, it would be an interesting twist anyway
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Name Justin
Occupation Brake System Tester at the GM Proving Grounds (Milford, MI)
Birthday February 8th, 1989
Games Show 4 More
Music Love Country but will basiclly listen to anything that isn't Rap
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