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25 year-old male from Grand Blanc, MI
So I'm Justin, for the past 3 years I've worked for General Motors in Brake Development as basically what amounts to a hybrid between a test driver and mechanic. I'm a closet gamer whenever I'm not tinkering with something... And yes my username is terrible and childish but I made back in 2004 when I fit the bill but I managed to be user # 4505 so I just couldn't bring myself to make a new one.
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"Well, this is awkward"So I went to the doctors today to get a physical done for work. This is my second one this month because when my work sent the paperwork to the doctor's office the first time they forgot to include the part were I need to get blood work done so I had to go back today for the sole purpose of getting blood drawn. Upon arrival I had a conversation with the nurse that is summed up as: 'My work is stupid and sent over the full physical packet just including the blood work portion now and they have to do everything in the paperwork'.

So at 25 I've had to get my fare share of physicals which as most of you guys know involves them getting friendly with your junk (turn your head and cough). So our story reaches the part where I get to dawn the stretchy blue paper shorts and wait for the doc to come in. This place is just some urgent care clinic so they have a staff of doctors who float around so this time around I get a new doctor, we go through the paces and we get to the friendly part. He says quote "Ok now I'm going to check to see if you have a hernia". notice nothing said about drop you pants...

Apparently there is a hernia check I am unfamiliar with that involves them checking the area between your waist and private bits, I wasn't informed.

...So I drop the lame excuse for shorts that I am wearing and we proceed with the hernia check and I get really uncomfortable because I am presenting my junk to this poor man for no reason. Remember I just had one of these at the same place 2 weeks ago which was much more invasive. We get through it, I ask why the change, he gives me a quick explanation and tells me I can change back into my clothes and walks out leaving me alone feeling even weirder than if he had just fondled my junk.


So ya, that was awkward (guys learn from my mistake!)
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Name Justin
Occupation Brake System Tester at the GM Proving Grounds (Milford, MI)
Birthday February 8th, 1989
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