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26 year-old male from North Hollywood, CA
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A relevant journal entry regarding what I spend all my time doing.

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ALPHA HOUSE!I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to say this, but it’s finally time. The movie that features me in my first starring role, Alpha House comes out tomorrow on Netflix!

In case it isn't obvious from the pictures, this isn’t a family movie. If language, sexual content, nudity, partial nudity, and “crude humor” are your thing, awesome! If not, I will not be offended if you skip this one (but you might be if you don’t).

Either way, I hope everyone has an awesome March 11th! I know I will!

Oh and of course, thank you very much to every member of this community and all the Rooster Teeth staff and cast members--from Burnie and Joel, to friends like Kathleen, Martha, Barbara an...
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