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2 Weeks Back in LA, LAZER TEAM!So I've been back from shooting in Austin for a little while now. Everyone always tells you about culture shock. Not many people will warn you about re-entry shock.

Luckily I've been busy and staying busy helps a lot! I'll be working on a commercial (tell you more when it's out) and a webseries this week. The webseries is Classic Alice (click the linky please).

I've landed a couple small commercials, some webseries, and three features now! It's been a good first two years in LA and most of my biggest opportunities have come in the last 12 months alone. I've accomplished almost every goal I set for myself in that time.

So, what's next?


First, a big congratulations to everyone at Rooster Teeth. You all deserve it and I can't wait to see what this project becomes.

As for me... right now, I'm just trying to get an invitation to audition. Thankfully, I have a manager to help with that.

I've seen Rooster Teeth grow and change a lot over the last ten years since I joined the site and I can say, without reservation, I've enjoyed every minute of it. It was especially exciting to see the company grow over the years and hire community members who had skills they needed. More than once I wished that I had video editing experience, voice acting chops of any kind, or just, anything that I could offer to a company and group of people I admired and respected so much.

Reading about Lazer Team and the crowdfunding campaign was like falling into a pool of "FINALLY." Finally, I get a chance to offer the skills I've been working on for longer than I've been a member of this community.

Wish me luck!
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