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24 year-old female from From the pancake mines
im 16 years old, and if you wasnt abel to tell by my real name (Lindsey) im female, Im not emo, also im proud to be bi also im the soon to be ruler of the world. so bow down to me!

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Starting over is such a bitch.Well I was going to get rid of this account. But I forgot which one of my many emails I set it up with. So it was a no go. And now I'm bored of my new account and I figured why make a whole new account when I have a nice old one right here?
So I sat at my computer for about an hour doing nothing but deleting all my friends but 3 and deleting all my journals. How many fucking journals can a person write in a span of 2 years? Shit! I mean most of them where stupid one sentence things.
But anyways I'm cleaning this account so it would be like staring all over but not having to try to find a name that isn't like Sexygirl189798719788974987289764. (Some thing with alot of numbers behind it...Are there even that many sexy girls?)
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Name Lindsey
Occupation High school student/ruler of the world
Birthday July 25th, 1990
Interests Im interests are drawing playing the guitar playing video games hanging out with friends and anything that sounds like fun.
Music rock I really like AFI and hellogoodbye and many MANY more bands
Movies TANSFORMERS! My favorit movie of all time has to me the movie radio. i love it. I like the dukes of hazzard monster house wedding crashers well anything with johnny knoxvile owen wilsion and the other main guy in wedding crashers(i always forget his name)
TV Shows anything on adult swim. The dukes of hazzard.
Books i like alot of books to many to count with one hand you can probley count the number with 2 hands.