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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
If you wanna be friends just send request my way, I'll take a peek at your profile and if I see we have any interests in common or you're just a cool person I'll def accept (=

And apparently I like so many movies/music I can't fit them all in the space XDD
If you wanna talk about any movies/music I'm probably up for it.

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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
nomSo I was walking back to the office during my lunch break with my takeout when a homeless man stopped me. I remembered him from before. You see the first time I met him he asked me for cash saying he was hungry. I said I don't carry cash on my person but I have a minute to spare I can buy you food at the subway we're standing in front of. At that time he asked how much a sandwich was and I said about $6. He asked incredulous I didn't have $6. But I really didn't and he then declined my offer to walk in and buy some food.

Today he again said he was hungry and I offered again to buy his lunch and this time he said ok. He got a footlong, bag of chips, bottle of OJ, an...
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