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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
If you wanna be friends just send request my way, I'll take a peek at your profile and if I see we have any interests in common or you're just a cool person I'll def accept (=

And apparently I like so many movies/music I can't fit them all in the space XDD
If you wanna talk about any movies/music I'm probably up for it.

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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
MemorialWhat a weekend! I took off last Thursday for vacation. Today (Tuesday) was my first day back and man was it tough adjusting.

My friend JoJo came to visit me. We had an amazing time. A road trip to San Francisco along Pacific Coast Highway (crazy scenic), biking across the Golden gate bridge, the ferry ride back, Hiking through Big Sur, lounging on the beach, paddle boarding, eating like royalty. It was nonstop good times.

We've been friends since we first met in undergrad. Hard to consider it's been so long now. Maybe 8 years now? I know a LONG time ago she had a crush on me when I was with Joni. I kinda liked her too but I'm not the kind to cheat. Then when Joni and I weren't together she was in a relationship with a mutual friend, Evan. They broke up a while back and we were both sorta there for each other during our breakups.

I knew she would only be visiting for a short time but I think I still managed to fall for her. It's bittersweet. She's the first person I've had strong feelings for since Joni. I wasn't sure I could feel this way about someone else again. It was our comfortable friendship in the beginning of the trip as always. As things wore on there was this unspoken tension. By the middle of the trip we were sharing a bed. The next day we shared our first kiss...

Now she's back on the east coast. We've already texted that we miss each other but we've also both tried and failed at long distance relationships. I'm not sure where things are going for us. I just know it was one of the best weekends of my life and I wish I had her with me.


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