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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
If you wanna be friends just send request my way, I'll take a peek at your profile and if I see we have any interests in common or you're just a cool person I'll def accept (=

And apparently I like so many movies/music I can't fit them all in the space XDD
If you wanna talk about any movies/music I'm probably up for it.

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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
iamamericaandsocanyou28 years ago i was BOBA (brought over by airplane). my (adoptive) parents always treated today like a second birthday almost. I view it like a second Thanksgiving. Usually I'd have a nice meal with my family and just be glad that I'm American.

This is my first full year away from my fam. My dad emailed me this morning to tell me he deposited money and though they're not there they still want me to celebrate. I was trying not to tear up at my desk.

My roommate is gone to visit his family for a week so it's unusually quiet. Jasan should be on his way over. He said 15 minutes about 20 minutes ago so he should actually be here in maybe the next 10-15 XD.

Hope you all have a splendid day!

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