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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
If you wanna be friends just send request my way, I'll take a peek at your profile and if I see we have any interests in common or you're just a cool person I'll def accept (=

And apparently I like so many movies/music I can't fit them all in the space XDD
If you wanna talk about any movies/music I'm probably up for it.

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KoreanWonder Cali dreamin
witty titleSo I quit working at Chipotle on weekends and it's been glorious. I went to a show last weekend and saw Drew Tabor, Regina Zaremba, and Orla Gartland. All youtube musicians. What a great time and I got to chat with Regina and Orla after the show and they signed a poster I bought.

I'm heading home tomorrow to surprise my father for his bday. Gonna be a long travel but it'll be worth it to see everyone. I'm really excited to see my sister and nephews.

Still playing Hearthstone but I've mostly just been doing daily quests to get my gold bonus and then playing Diablo3: Reaper of Souls. I <3 Blizzard.

My boss tried stressing me out before my 'vacation/long weeke...
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