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22 year-old male from Portugal
You can't know it all in my presentation xD
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My presentation xDI just realised i never really introduced myself xD here i go...
My name is Ricardo, everybody calls me Ray though cause of my second name, but people around the net just call me Kronos, i'm really proud of my alias choice xD well, continuing with my presentation, I'm from Portugal, born and raised here, it's like the nose of europe, right on the point xD
I'm a real gamer, xbox proud owner...and for someone that lives were i live that's not a good thing. This is kind of a sony country, nothing against sony, but i would like more support from microsoft, but hey i talked about this in my other post, not going to do that again xD love my xbox, i'm a halo player, and i was playing mass effect 1 and 2 cause i just bought the too of them to a friend of mine and the game is really awesome xD
More on a earlier years, i own a sega saturn ( Nights, one of the most beautiful game ever, child of eden kind of remembers me of it), and a ps2 (a psp too), one of my favorite franchises was prince of persia, i was a slave to the game, absolutly awesome, and then ubisoft ruined it, with that cell.shading, farah donkey, flowery piece of crap -.-' but then ubisoft presented Assassin's Creed, and i just changed my strings to another franchise master xD i love to play GH too, I nail it just good xD Waiting to play portal 2, and for the release of so many great games like Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed Revelations, ghost recon FS, rayman origins, Forza 4, GoW 3, just so many xD
In music i love Metallica, big fan, really REALLY big fan xD i'm a Metal guy, from Dio to Manowar, passing through Mr. Ozzy Osbourne, i really love the genre all the way.
I'n movies videos and other cinematography ways of genre, i love comedy, but not the "now" comedy, the one we see in every movie today...i just love pure comedy, i like horror too and documentary, so i love supersize me, and i'll love the greatest movie ever sold when i see it xD
I kind of envy that everything that happens is over there, on the other side of the atlantic, i would love to meet rooster teeth....but hey if that'll be possible will probably be when i have the age or the money to go around the USA, i would love to be part of RTX xD
About Rooster Teeth, i just love everything they do xD you guys are just awesome ^^
i laugh me ass off with drunk tank, love immersion, really like the RT comics that Griffon pops up here, and there's just no need to talk about RvsB, cause, i have no more adjectives xD

Again about me, i'm just a simple 18 year old teenager, that loves games, and appreciate all the work done by rooster teeth for us xD i need my xbox fix, and were i live, we really REALLY have to search hard, and you give me that, i'm just sorry i can't be a sponsor cause a don't have a bank account, and i really hate that i can't help you reward all your hard work with just a simple donation...and to have all the awesome benefits, but well, i'm just happy enough that i can contact with you guys and every member around here by comments or blogging.

To everyone a good life, and i really mean it xD

Stay good, be Bad \m/
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