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27 year-old male from mount gonedoor in galmone
i am my worst enemy but not to bad. I am a nerd play video games pretty much alot. i love walking dead, breaking bad, sons of anarchy and anime. the only board game i play is monopoly and clue, has to be a rainy day. got 2 kids but it still dont stop me i just never sleep. got a three story house but dont confuse me for being rich far from it just in debt. unemployed right now but half the world is. I FEEL THE POWER!!!
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bullshiti was playing a gears team deathmatch and kill 3 guys with my shotgun. when i turn around 2 team members where standing there watching me. 3 minutes later same thing they followed me then when there was 2 guys, they hide and i get the kills. its called team deathmatch people.
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Name testicles
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