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30 year-old male from Sharon, SC
um yeah I don't think I have been through enough events to really say anything. I have a great girlfriend, and friends. I am back in college after leaving for 3 years due to lack of money to contiue...most would blame that on Bush,but had my parents had the forsight to open up a savings account for my tuitions cost along with Clinton not signing bills that send every possilble decent wage low education job over seas I might have stayed in and graduated on time...but yay for him getting a blowjob from a chick with low self-esteem. I guess at some point that is the American Dream being realized.
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Dawn of a new ageWell I finally got a X-box 360. Time to retire the old X-box. Not to say I don't like playing it...in fact I know of more awesome games to play on it than the 360. I know, I know...dude where have I been. Trust me I have wanted one for a LONG time. I remember seeing the awesome games advertised on TV, but it was something I never really kept up with due to the fact I didn't have a 360, and when they were brand new to the gaming world I wasn't going to pay 300 bucks for a new one with very few features tried, and proven to work. Not to say that there aren't a lot of things the 360 can do, but I just wanted to let everyone else with tons of money, or the absolute need to have the newest system be the guinea pig. Anyway I still need an idea of some games to get. While I like how the graphics are pretty awesome I have no idea what to get. Now I get to update this thing with my avatar, and games I like to play on the regular....what in the heck have I conformed to? To my friends I use to talk to on here regularly...miss talking to you guys, and I hope things are great for you.
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Name Thomas (TJ)
Occupation professional college student...jk
Birthday February 10th, 1985
Interests Playing music finding stupid Chemistry jokes catching up on RVB...I can't believe there is actually something better on the internet than facebook myspace and porn put together...who knew? Old cars...I love cougars...not old women looking for a young guy but an actual car. I have a 1951 ford F-1 that I am trying to fix up if I can put money away that doesn't go to school. Video games working on stuff in my dad's shop at our house.
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Music hmmm so many flavors...well some of my favorite bands are staind switchfoot lynyrd skynyrd Zepplin AC/DC Cross Canadian Ragweed Staind.... I am one of those people that likes country music. If you don't like you can get the fuck over it...and I mean that in the nicest way possilbe. I like Ray Charles Frank Sinatra Dierks Bentley and there are probably a few bands I am leaving out but ehh.
Movies Star Wars is the be all end all of movies...well I could be over exaggerating but I really like the movies.
TV Shows futurama and family guys is really the only thing I have taken the time to watch in the past few years...even then it hasn't been that much.