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29 year-old male from Carrollton, TX; now Denton, TX
I get paid to go to college. No, really

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99% of all RvB users have some kind of crappy made-up statistic in their profile. If you're one of the 1% that hasn't succumbed to this fad, copy and paste this into your profile. Then realize you're now one of the 99%. Dumbass.

Rule of thumb, Hassan...you can't kill the Messiah!
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Remember whenI used to post stuff here?

For old time's sake and stuff.
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Name Joe
Occupation Harvester of Sorrow
Birthday November 2nd, 1985
Interests Halo collecting stuff gaming baseball (Rangers fan; Yankees suck)
Music Mostly rock classic rock (Metallica Led Zeppelin etc)
Movies Monty Python and the Holy Grail Airplane! What's Up Tiger Lily The Fifth Element Mr. and Mrs. Smith Gattaca The Music Man (I like some musicals. Sue me.) Lord of the Rings Star Wars Star Trek I-whatever most anything sci-fi or with off-the-wall random humor...not a fan of much raunchy or gory stuff. Violence is fine just not so much gore.
TV Shows Star Trek MXC anything with real-life explosions shootouts or what have you old-school cartoons (G.I. Joe = classic; Starship Troopers = badass = not many people remember it I bet. A lot like Halo actually) I don't watch so much TV anymore though
Books The Razor's Edge The Andromeda Strain Sphere Prey Timeline Congo Airframe and pretty much anything Michael Crichton Ray Bradbury or Dave Barry