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I was born in 1985 and am currently working in a healthcare field.
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Measles OutbreakHey, remember measles? That disease that you learn about in school that was mostly wiped out in the US by an effective public health campaign to get everyone vaccinated? Well, now people have been deciding not to get vaccinated even though the disease is still infecting people who live in other parts of the world. So just last month a measles outbreak started in California and has not spread to 14 states in the US. Now the unvaccinated people in the US could die of a disease that was close to being eliminated completely and was eliminated from the US.

Apparently, people are choosing not to get vaccinated due to a common misconception that the measles vaccine causes autism. There is a book that is easy to read and goes into this subject in great detail with meticulous citations called The Panic Virus that everyone needs to read. There’s a lot of truthiness used to argue for a link to autism and a problem with the way scientists will not state conclusions as facts and will avoid absolutes.

So if you live in the US and did not get vaccinated against measles, you might want to go get vaccinated now. Before you get measles.
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