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I was born in 1985 and am currently working in a healthcare field.
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Re: Podcast 293 on Dogs and EbolaI'm a little behind on the RT Podcasts. Please tell me they correct the part when they say that dogs can be infected by Ebola asymptomatically. There is a problematic study that suggests that it might be true, but further research needs to be done before we can say for sure that dogs are infected with Ebola, instead of something else that might also give them antibodies that react to Ebola. The study, conducted in 2002, found that dogs that were far away from Africa also had antibodies to Ebola, and this is not explained yet.

And right now, research on Ebola in dogs is really not the priority.

But the dog in Spain was killed because no one knows whether or not it could contract Ebola, nor does anyone know if it could transmit the disease if it could contract it.

If this is not corrected, I'll respond to the podcast thread. X)
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