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33 year-old male from Waukesha, WI
If you can read it, watch it, or hear it and it has some kind of entertainment value, and little to no factual information, I probably like it. Except that fucking Twilight...my checklist for Time Travel now includes undoing that unholy series.

From my profile pic I am both a Doctor Who fan primarily and like being creative. If you are looking for someone to talk about the wide world of Sci Fi or fantasy, even writing in general...bring it on. Insert evil laugh here.
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Internetbox...wins for 3rd timeI have just finished looking at all the comments and visited the IB page, who am I kidding I loop some of my favorite ones just for laughs at work!! Still, after all the requests to fans to get us to vote I can't help but picture all the IB cast just mouths dropped open that they won again. Whatever the future, or lack there of, I think it was well deserved. Every year that panel reduced me to tears, and Andrew's hotel video will live in infamy.
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