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25 year-old female from from canada / norway house
i.m no longer accepting friend requests unless you talk to me
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why am i never on anymorewell the reason i'm never on is that i have gotten bored of this but still i have made a lot of friends on here and lost some friends that who wont even send me message or something so yea that is why i'm never on..........but still i miss those who used to send me a message to say hi or just chat........oh well this is Kyubi13 signing off .......(J3nna H3llcr0w)
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Name jenna
Occupation guitar player
Birthday February 3rd, 1990
Interests guitar hang out sleeping listen to music trying to become a guitar god haha
Music evanescence linkin park 3 days grace billy talent blink 182 bullet for my valentine papa roach metalica rolling stones marylin manson my chemical romance atreyu poison rob zombie fort minor dragon force DETHLOK sevendust flyleaf faber drive lamb of god and many more
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