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40 year-old female from Los Angeles, CA

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How do you get my award?

Go out in the real world, not the internet, and do something nice for someone without being asked!! A Good Deed. Then come back and tell me about it. I will post these good deeds in my journals.

June 16th, 2015....I'm not sure if there are still staff awards on the profiles...but if you every have a good deed please still let me know or email them to me at

[email protected] -

Subject "Good Deed" I'll hit ya back!

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Best kind of appreciation..Today I received a book in the mail. About five years ago I met a young man at our first RTX and we had one of those heart to heart conversations about life and his future. I remember it well and I remember encouraging to make the goal and go after it....well, much to my excitement, he did it...he wrote his book and sent me a copy. The proudest part is his kind words on the "Acknowledgments" page. Johathan, I am extremely proud and inspired by you and your achievement! May success follow you. @hesaves

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