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How do you get my award?

Go out in the real world, not the internet, and do something nice for someone without being asked!! A Good Deed. Then come back and tell me about it. I will post these good deeds in my journals.

How do I get the other staff members awards?

I don't know ask them!

Please don't ask me to ask the other staff members to be your friend or read your script or watch your machinima.......ask them!

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October Already??Hey all,

Here we are already in October...change is in the air and I love it! I have some exciting changes happening in my world and ending 2014 in a pleasant way. I have been working a lot on my bottle top art...I have many requests and it's hard to keep up, I'm also working on my jewelry, I have an event on November 8th that I will be selling it for the holiday season :)

Got a new car...I drive a bit more now a days so I opted for good gas mileage and zippy cute :) It's bright red and I'm enjoying it...I'm also moving to a new home in November.

When I moved to Texas to work at Rooster Teeth, I was right across the street from the old studio...it's okay, but I wanted to be in a bit nicer environment. I'll be living near the Green Belt which is were you can hike along trails here in Austin and it's near the lake. Titan will really enjoy the change....my place is pretty too, wood floors and vaulted ceilings...."I'm so fancyyyy" LOL. There is a dog park as well.

I have a 2 year project coming up....I'll let you all know about it when it starts :) Again...change.

LIve is good and I hope you all are doing well..

I'm bummed I can't give out my award here anymore, but you guys keep sending me your GOOD DEEDS, and I'll figure something out!

I really enjoyed my After Buzz TV interview for RWBY... if you missed it check it out

I'll be doing another interview with them around the holidays....I'll keep you updated on that as well :)

Hugs! Kathleen
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