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How do you get my award?

Go out in the real world, not the internet, and do something nice for someone without being asked!! A Good Deed. Then come back and tell me about it. I will post these good deeds in my journals.

How do I get the other staff members awards?

I don't know ask them!

Please don't ask me to ask the other staff members to be your friend or read your script or watch your machinima.......ask them!

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kzuelch Cast & Crew
Good Deeds...Happy Tuesday! Wow, well I have finally figured out how to get views on my youtube channel...wear a bathing suit :) The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been amazing how it caught on and has helped out bringing recognition to the disease.

I have been getting some really great good deeds from you all but for some reason can't access the awards on peoples profiles....but please keep doing them and keep sending them to me!

With summer coming to an end and people going back to school, please update me on where you are in your schooling and what you are studying? I want to be in the know!

hugs! Kathleen
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