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36 year-old female from my haven
Do not spoil what you have now by desiring what you have not,
Remember, what you now have was once only wished for before.

I am a beautiful young woman who loves God, her husband, and two awesome children!! I am happy with my simple way of life. I am loved completely and want for nothing! I love to laugh, learning new things, and all things music!

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I LOVE Autumn........too bad it was so short! Oh well, it's still nice and I am certainly enjoying the cooler weather.

I am really looking forward to tonight and tomorrow :) We are gonna run some needed errands this morning and then we are gonna go to Pisgah Forest, NC. Adara has been asking about going to Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Patch, so we are gonna take her. It looks like a lot of fun! Then we are going to Hendersonville tomorrow to take a look at a car that my best friend is thinking of buying. We are gonna go look since we are 6 hours closer to it than she is. Then we are thinking of spending the rest of the day at Chimney Rock. I haven't been there since I was about 10 years old.

What about you? What are you doing this last October weekend? Really? The last one? Where did this year go?!?!

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Name Dawn
Occupation Wife, Mom, Bufford's Playtoy
Birthday February 21st, 1978
Interests I love doing things with and for my little family! I love singing and music (all kinds but especially country and bluegrass!) I like to find new things to do I love to laugh and enjoy life I love quilting and beading and I like making new friends! People make life interesting!!!
Music I don't like rap (noise) but I like everything else. My absolute favorite artist ever is Alison Krauss and Union Station!! And if given half a chance I would love to record a duet with Josh Turner!! I love everything from Phantom of the Opera! I also enjoy Michael Buble Metallica Trace Adkins Bee Gees Cherryholmes Harry Connick Jr. Brad Paisley Bill Monroe 3 Doors Down Ricky Skaggs Evanescence....
Movies I enjoy comedies and anything that makes me cry (yeah I'm such a girl!) I love Phantom of the Opera and The X-Men movies (anything with Hugh Jackman is good!)! Jeff Dunham';s "Arguing With Myself" stand up DVD is AWESOME! Highly recommended!!!
TV Shows Smallville (when I watch TV) and The Red Green Show
Books David Eddings is a great author! Our kids' names came from characters in his books! I highly recommend "Wild At Heart" and "Captivating" both by John Eldredge.