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The freelancer poster you would most like to see me draw is.......uh, well, I'm not 100% sure.

Recently I had a poll to decide which Freelancer poster people would most like to me draw (limited to the Freelancers whose faces we have seen). 23 people voted. I had one 'pick one' question, and one 'pick as many as you like' option. Perhaps I should have been clearer about my intentions from the start. In any case, the results were... anomalous.

In case you can't read the screencap:
1. If you were to buy a poster of any freelancer with a known face (ie: Wash, Florida, and Maine are not options) and you could buy only one, which would you buy?
York - 6
South - forever alone.
North - 2
Carolina - 5
Wyoming - 3
CT - forever alone?
Tex - 7

2. Alright, now let's pretend you had infinite money. Which poster(s) would you buy?
York 17
South Dakota 6 (still the least popular option)
North Dakota 12
Carolina 15
Wyoming 13
Connecticut (CT) 10 (less lonely than South)
Tex/Allison 15

Sooo.... Tex and York are almost equally popular in the 'pick one' question, but York wins by a larger margin when people can pick as many as they want. Buuuut.... the second poll indicates that York is liked by 74% of voters, while Tex is only liked by 65% of voters. I know 23 is hardly representative of the overall RT population, but it still says something about his popularity.

So I am drawing York for two reasons: (1) because the polls say he's popular, and (2) in terms of overall facial structure, my husband makes a decent reference for York. Granted, it's not 100% similarity, but that's definitely very handy. I will also draw Tex if I have some extra time.

The poster will be done in a style something like these previous drawings:

Thanks to those who participated, and to those going to RTX Sidequest: stay tuned!
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