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32 year-old female from ChAmBeRlAiN SoUtH DaKoTa
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to all my friendswow its been like 2 months or something like that.well hmm i moved in with my bf but i think yall know that. and i got another kittie. hmm had to take my daughter to the ER last night and get her stitiches she fell off the couch onto my bfs weights and busted open her chin. that hospital bill is gonna suk. but at least shes okay. she was a tough little girl. i cried when they stuck her with the needles. owwie. hmm in other news. im still working all the time. my bday is in like 14 days and im excited. my bf better get me something good. hmmm yea i miss this site kinda. im not on the internet at all. but i live with it i gues. but i missed all this time and this is al i have to write. hehe BORING i SUCKhehee well take care everybody who is still my friend hehe
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Name Rose
Occupation ClErK
Birthday November 1st, 1982
Interests Hmm lets see...friends ummm alcohol... kinda but not really nah i just enjoy a good party here and there. umm movies and music i LOVE music and i love horses lol.
Music i enjoy EVERYTHING
Movies 40 year old vrigin anchorman domino sweetest thing how to lose a guy in 10 days green mile the notebook and i could go on and on
TV Shows o.c. gilmore girls girls next door lost