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26 year-old female from San Antonio, TX
I'm a girl =D I play cello and video games! Hooray!

I'm a strings teacher as a side job while I finish my degree. I'm principle cellist at UTSA and assistant principle at UIW!

As is true of most musicians, I really really really love to drink.

P.S., Gavino is my favourite.
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Summer FinalsI did it!! I finished my first summer semester. Well, kind of, I have three exams the next three days.

Not completely applicable, but oh-so-sexy:

Have y'all seen Drive? That's a great movie.

On another procrastinatingly great point (yes I know that's not a word), I saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter recently. It's exactly what I expected, so I was very impressed. It's worth a go if you buy a bucket of beer and take it into the theater.

My last final is Wednesday, and my new classes start Thursday. I just have to keep telling myself it will be worth it a year from now.............

Okay, fine. Bye guys. Hope you RTXers had fun!
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