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25 year-old male from Dublin, Ireland
I'm 20 from Ireland and currently unemployed.

I Like Anime, Manga, Comics, Video Games, Achievements, Alcohol and Friends. I enjoy reading a good book. One of my all time favourites is Starship Troopers. Its a fantastic novel set during a war with Arachnids, a sort of space bug colony.

If you want to know more about me just ask :D
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One monthSo I joined the community 4 years ago on this profile. In that time I've kinda slacked off with updates and stuff but I'm about to hit one month online time. I'm going to try to be on here a lot more from now on.
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Name James
Occupation Unemployed LOLZ
Birthday April 12th, 1990
Interests Making you love me cause I'm lovable and adorable. And stuff.
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Music Orgy System of a Down Linkin Park Qeens of the Stoneage Foo Fighters Mindless Self Indulgence Fuel Deftones Korn The Pillows Orange Range Asian Kung Fu Generation Beat Crusaders Stone Sour Ok Go Echo and the Bunnymen The Cure Richard Cheese Johnny Cash Nine Inch Nails Slipknot Suicidal Tendencies Disturbed.
Movies Donnie Darko Pitch Black V for Vendetta Zoolander Anchorman Dodgeball Nightmare Before Christmas Napoleon Dynamite Edward Sissorhands Pirates of the Carribian Spirited Away Howls Moving Castle Cowboy Bebop. Some day I'll list them all... someday.
TV Shows Dr. Who Firefly My name is Earl. Mostly SciFi really.
Books Thief of Time Soul Music Mort Harry Potter Going Postal Starship Troopers The Vampire Lestat.
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