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24 year-old male from Rosenberg, TX
A proud video game historian and hopeful game designer. It was back in 6th grade that I read the Fable edition of GameInformer. Peter Molyneux's vision not only inspired me to join the gaming industry, but also proved to how much room there really was for creativity. I am a very skilled at Java programming. Chivalry, pride, honor, honesty, and craftsmanship are all very weighty aspects of my life. I hold myself to a high standard. You will not find me taking shortcuts, cheating, modding, hacking, or camping. I am also a prospective voice actor, artist, musician, and a lot of things. Also the best driver/pilot you will find in Reach
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Why I'm a Rooster Teeth fanI'm largely a fan of Rooster Teeth not only for their style of humor, but also because of how they've continued to grow over the years. The first time I saw Red vs Blue, it was Seasons 1 & 2 on a flash drive that someone had loaned to me. A couple of years later I was watching Seasons 3 and 4 on DVD thinking about how awesome it was that some seemingly small thing on the internet had made the transition to DVD. Today Rooster Teeth is a veritable juggernaut in the online entertainment industry with major productions such as Achievement Hunter, RWBY, and Immersion. Though I wasn't always an active follower, I'm glad to have been able to see some of the beginning and to appreciate how far it's come.

It's easy to see how far Rooster Teeth has come over the years in terms of video production and company growth, but I find it equally notable that this growth also seems to be visible in the attitudes and expectations of the RT staff. For instance, in earlier podcasts, some members would say "Yeah we'll probably be out on the streets in a couple of years," or something to that tune. It was always a joke, but it had a touch of realism. I think that for much of RT's history, it's founding members have wondered how long this wave would last. But that all seemed to change when Burnie handed over the reigns to Matt. As I recall Burnie's words were, "I may have gotten Rooster Teeth to a hundred employees, but Matt is going to be the one to get us to a thousand." I feel that the difference between those 2 statements perfectly illustrates how far they've come in these 12 years. Rooster Teeth has gone from "How long can this last?" to "How can we continue to grow?" That change is something that not only makes me glad to be a Rooster Teeth fan, but proud to be one. RT has proven from it's inception that even the smallest beginnings can lead to the largest possibilities.

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