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24 year-old male from Rosenberg, TX
A proud video game historian and hopeful game designer. It was back in 6th grade that I read the Fable edition of GameInformer. Peter Molyneux's vision not only inspired me to join the gaming industry, but also proved to how much room there really was for creativity. I am a very skilled at Java programming. Chivalry, pride, honor, honesty, and craftsmanship are all very weighty aspects of my life. I hold myself to a high standard. You will not find me taking shortcuts, cheating, modding, hacking, or camping. I am also a prospective voice actor, artist, musician, and a lot of things. Also the best driver/pilot you will find in Reach
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Job HuntingHaving just gotten my degree in Comp Sci, it's time that I move on to a career somewhere in the field. I've been thinking about applying for the IT job that Rooster Teeth just recently posted but my degree is more in programming than general IT. I mean, I'm pretty good at troubleshooting windows but have little experience with Macs and printers....frig I hate printers. But if I got the job, it would mean a move to Austin which is something that I've been chomping at the bit for since forever.

But if I don't get the job and they post a job that I'm more qualified for, it may leave a sour note on future applications.

Of course the goal overall is to get into the ga...
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