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24 year-old male from Rosenberg, TX
A proud video game historian and hopeful game designer. It was back in 6th grade that I read the Fable edition of GameInformer. Peter Molyneux's vision not only inspired me to join the gaming industry, but also proved to how much room there really was for creativity. I am a very skilled at Java programming. Chivalry, pride, honor, honesty, and craftsmanship are all very weighty aspects of my life. I hold myself to a high standard. You will not find me taking shortcuts, cheating, modding, hacking, or camping. I am also a prospective voice actor, artist, musician, and a lot of things. Also the best driver/pilot you will find in Reach
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Job HuntingHaving just gotten my degree in Comp Sci, it's time that I move on to a career somewhere in the field. I've been thinking about applying for the IT job that Rooster Teeth just recently posted but my degree is more in programming than general IT. I mean, I'm pretty good at troubleshooting windows but have little experience with Macs and printers....frig I hate printers. But if I got the job, it would mean a move to Austin which is something that I've been chomping at the bit for since forever.

But if I don't get the job and they post a job that I'm more qualified for, it may leave a sour note on future applications.

Of course the goal overall is to get into the games industry, but many developers are looking for somebody with experience having shipped at least one title. I'm in the design stages of a title of my own right now but I'm lacking in the art department...and frankly I also need to brush up on my C since I'm still so used to java. So at the moment, shipping a title is still pretty far out of reach on my own. IBM in Austin also has a few positions that I'm looking at and more qualified for.
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