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24 year-old male from Rosenberg, TX
A proud video game historian and hopeful game designer. It was back in 6th grade that I read the Fable edition of GameInformer. Peter Molyneux's vision not only inspired me to join the gaming industry, but also proved to how much room there really was for creativity. I am a very skilled at Java programming. Chivalry, pride, honor, honesty, and craftsmanship are all very weighty aspects of my life. I hold myself to a high standard. You will not find me taking shortcuts, cheating, modding, hacking, or camping. I am also a prospective voice actor, artist, musician, and a lot of things. Also the best driver/pilot you will find in Reach
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The Final Day to Decide What Song To SingLast month I heard that our annual country fair is hosting a talent competition. I don't know how often I've brought it up on here, but people say that I sing really well. Sometimes I feel it, but I don't feel I'm as good as people make me out to be. Anyways, first place is a grand. So since that day I have been positively racking my brain for the perfect song. And I have gone through quite a few. And tomorrow is the final day for submissions and by 5 PM I need to have that song picked out and turned in.

There's a number of problems that I've faced in determining that song. Firstly, there is a policy against anything that may be deemed offensive. By that they don't just mean swearing either. Anything that could be construed as offensive towards a likely right-leaning audience is bound to get me DQ'd. There's also a 5 minute limit on songs. This, particularly that last thing has slashed out about a good 1/3rd of my music library. Then there's the fact of what is typically recognized as "talent" in these shows. I can look at music like Jet and MCR and tell you that it takes an enormous amount of effort and talent to control your voice in that manner. That is the style of singing that people know and love me for. But it is more than likely that the crowd and judges will view it as simple yelling into a mic. It's decreased my musical selection to about 1/10th its original size.

That being said, I am taking a risk. It looks as though I am going to sing Train's Drops of Jupiter. It's a big hit, and I think that I can make it work. But I have two worries. Number one is that I am a rocker. While I think that I sound good singing this song, it is not in my normal style and it feels somewhat like a betrayal of myself to sing it. Now you could tell me that a good singer should always be flexible, and I would agree. But this is my first big "show" if you can call it that. To go so out of my style on what may be a landmark moment is something that is positively stabbing me right now. I'd planned on my outfit having homages to my most inspirational bands, but having a RATM pin seems really out of place when you're singing about stars and girls and love.

Second and most major problem is that this is a style that only I have ever heard myself sing. I think it sounds good, but in two years of singing, I have never allowed anybody to see me sing like this. That's not to say that I haven't practiced a lot, but I've never gotten any feedback. I've been trying to drop by a karaoke bar for a damned month and not been able to find the time between fucking weddings and trips with my gf. This is going to be the first time that a lot of people get to hear me sing, and not only is it not going to be in my style, but it's going to be doing something that I have no validation of my skill for. This is also going to be the first time that my family gets to hear me sing. I've been telling them that I could sing for 2 years but never actually shown them. If I fuck up my first impression for them, I am going to be positively mortified.

So I have one day to commit. Any other suggestions would likely be appreciated. I've thought of Chevelle songs, but a lot of people wouldn't get the sustained notes in the chorus of The Red, and I don't have a backup singer for the end of Send The Pain Below(Which otherwise would have been my first pick).

In the meantime, I'm very excited to be working on a cover of a Stooges song with my #1 homedizzle. That's a lot more my style.
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