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24 year-old male from BWCA (boundery water canou area (Ely MN)
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~_x Love Trian x_~I am ~Devin Love®~ (real name) i play football, basckitball and run track i ski, snowbourd and play halo3, GOW!!. some times, i am always groundid.

faverit thing to do is ski, fish,party,play sports, HALO

MSN: jollybean10@msn.com
AIM:squrl hunter

Xbox Live: x Love Trian x
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Name Devin Love®
Birthday April 18th, 1991
Interests partys gurls and just haveing a good time wether its partying or playing xboxlive aslong as its fun
Music any thing that doesnt make me whant to go punch a baby
Movies the kind that makes your gurl friend wont to make out i like thoughts movies
TV Shows Tv??? I pLaY HALO 2
Books what are thoughs??