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24 year-old female from Beaver Dam, WI
If you wanna know anything about me just ask i am very open
I accept any friend request!!!!!!!!
U can contact me on msn
[email protected]

Lover: alucardjr
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Sister: saga
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How i am feeling......I feel like shit...... I am sooo tried from my medications because i have a lot that cause me to lose my engery and be drowsy.I am very sad becasue I want some to hold me and be there for me.......I want someone to love me and to care for me when i am sick I want someone to just want to know who i am not not listen to what other people say. i want someone who is true and not want to every hurt me. I am angry... no one know how to treat me how i should be treat... I mad because some people take advantage of me.... I so angry because some people just plan use me.
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