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27 year-old male from Burton, MI

Im a pretty impatient guy when it comes down to many things. Im funny, i guess good to hang with. I was born in upstate New York, but now live in MIchigan...yippie..I love to play games. I love adventure fighting type games. so games like mortal kombat and zelda i love!!! Playing MK Armageddon right now. Kicking some ass too........

I except random freinds, so click me up!.......leave a comment on somthing too.
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Wii addresses!!!!my wii is working and im hooked up

i want friends damn it!

my address is 4828 9153 9570 6718
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Name Mike
Occupation low level employee of mc donalds
Birthday July 20th, 1987
Interests im intrested in wrestling criminal justice fighting games porn food tv RED VS BLUE newgrounds.com gamemasterpro.net
Music anythign metel rap country........crap like that
Movies ECW One Night Stand Kung Pow South Park the movie Scary movie 1 and 2 Austin Powers 2 and 3 Terminator 2 scream 1 2 and 3 friday the 13th 1-10 harry potter 1-4 ace vantura pet detective saw halloween nightmare on elm street x-men 1 and 2 along came a spider willie wonka twister fantastic 4 the punisher mortal kombet 1 and 2...
TV Shows Wrestling mind of mencia south park drawn together the daily show the colbert report x-play judement day filter barbed wire biscit icons i love the 70's 80's and 90's the maury show montel willams dragon ball z family guy futurama inyuasha harvy birdman robot chicken full metal alchemist aqua teen hunger force unsolved mysteries jay leno jimmy kimmel cowboy bebop worlds wildest police videos comedy centrel presents mad tv c.s.i law and order svu and ci blue collar comedy tour and blue collar comedy tour rides again gun grave histories mysterious urban legends...
Books Any books by Gary Paulson the outsiders call of the wild all the harry potter books cirque du freak books goosbumbs anything wrestling etc.....