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30 year-old female from D/FW, TX. for now.....
I'm sure you've heard of our renowned beauty...that being we Texas Girls ; )
So I really love RvB episodes, though not much of an avid halo gamer myself...I am very close to many of you.
My passion is people, and art, so the Forum is a great fun place for me. Drop me a line any time...
(\_ /)
(> <)
someone told me to add the bunny to my page to further his world domination...can't argue with that :)
**[PLEASE send ALL friend-requests w/ a NOTE/reason]**
Otherwise dont expect much!

98% of teenagers do, or have tried, pot. If you are one of the 2% that hasn't, copy and paste this in your profil
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Dress MakerNot that I honestly expect any of you, my friendly gamers, to know...but being the only girl I know that has no idea how to plan a wedding, I can't even find the silly dress I'm supposed to wear. And decided it doesn't exist except in my head, and I really need to just have it made. But I also have no idea how to go about doing that.

Anybody know some nice mom or something, that can sew dresses...preferrably in Texas?
I'd appreciate it so much, and thanks in advance.

PS- Thepio is wonderful, cause he just re-sponsored me!
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Name Krystal with a K
Occupation Film/TV production student
Birthday July 10th, 1984
Interests Art film production people the sky nature music animals books fantasy adventure Arizona climbing traveling swimming things of retrocality God my faith and the real Joy in life that gives me everyday my friends my boyfriend all things Irish Calvin & Hobbes lazer-challenge Marvel Comics/X-Men (and Batman) homestarrunner.com cool 'nerdy' stuff like LotRs (all things Tolkien) Star Wars um Zelda? and old school video games (eek dare I be honest here?) my dogs wolves lightning etc.
Music Stuff....however I realy don't dig country current rap and/or tejano. (at this very moment i'm listening to an old John Williams classical guitar cd its so cool all mellow and celtic sounding [parts of it] and wow. Did you know everyone's favorite film score composer playes awesome guitar too!? He's pretty much a genius.)
Movies Empire Records Braveheart 80s Jim Henson movies Ferris Bueler's Day Off Signs Ice Age The Village Love Actually the first 3 Star Wars movies made Lord of the Rings trilogy Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail Princess Bride Goonies Labyrinth The Incredibles Disney's Robin Hood Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original)...
TV Shows LOST Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien old '80s cartoons the Simpsons History channel documentaries....pretty much any documentary from National Geographic Discovery etc. "I Love the [pick a decade] " Mystery Science Theater 3000 Futurama TMNT. But really I hate TV
Books Watership Down The Hobbit Lord of the Rings trilogy (+ all of Tolkien's other stuff) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (most all Roald Dahl';s books) Micheal Crichton's Timeline Calvin & Hobbes Complete works of Shakespeare John Eldredge's 'Wild At Heart'...not what it sounds like EVERY person should read it! The 5 Love Languages Stuff by C.S. Lewis & The Holy Bible :)