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I feel like I'm taking crazy pillsAs of November 2nd, 2009 there are 37,408 members of the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group in the Steam Community. I hope that more sign up-but only because I am interested in knowing how many people have deluded themselves into thinking that the release of Left 4 Dead 2 one year after the release of the OG is really that much different from the release of downloadable content.
I remember when the first Oblivion expansion came out; I thought it was a joke. Expansion packs at that point were not new to PC, the original Rainbow Six had Eagle Watch, Asherons Call had Dark Majesty. One of the big differences between the release of the extra content of the earlier games compared to Oblivion is that most game developers waited longer than ONE MONTH before releasing added content.
It's bad enough that straight out of the gate most console games cost 10$ more than their usually superior PC versions. It's bad enough that you have to pay extra for an XBOX Live Gold Membership so you can play with friends. If you have a PC, you probably already have internet-if you have a 360, you are now going to be shafted for both internet and online playability (if you play ps3 you get shafted for a whole different soapbox of reasons). It's bad enough that you have to shell out your cash to make your cartoony avatar not look like a tool and to customize your "theme" (and incidentally, it's bad enough that you have to have a "theme") but it is awe-inspiringly ridiculous that we look down on the release of a sequel one year after its original but still shell out 10$ a pop for DLC a.k.a. game modules developers couldn't finish before the official release of a game.
The worst part is, Burnie is absolutely right when he says we vote with our wallets. We've accepted without really understanding the fact that game developers are selling us unfinished games and are getting us to repurchase the leftovers, and in the process we are paving the way for an industry change that will openly accept and exploit our vote.
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