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24 year-old female from Hawaii
well me... I'm not your normal person. I mean really, can you seriously call yourself normal? there's no such thing. I'm random, crazy and I guess you can call me emo. I'm very moody so I can be a smartass or a little kid or even depressed. it's like I can be different people at different times but I like being myself and I wouldn't change for the world. that's why I'm loved by people. my favorite color is blue no matter what shade. I like to say a lot of things so that's why I type so much. there's just so many things to say. I like making friends so add me if you like. whatever makes you happy.
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just onewhen I think of you it makes my heart ache.
when I think of him I feel like dying.
I can't take it anymore...
I've been hiding it for too long and I can't take it anymore...
I feel like I'm using you to forget about him.
I feel like I don't really love you because I can't even remember your face...
I feel like you don't really love me and that you're only in it for yourself.
I wish I could just start over and forget about all of this pain.
forget about everything that's happened to me.
I can't sleep at night because all of these thoughts are in my head.
I can't be left alone anymore or unoccupied because I think things.
the things I think hurt me.
they hurt my heart and my soul.
they hurt everything about me.
they make me hate myself for everything I've done to people.
there's nothing I can do to undo all the pain and lies I've caused.
all I have are my words and my actions.
there's nothing more to it.
I wish that I could just start over and keep him by my side.
I wish that these things have never happened to me.
but that's all I can do.
everything I say will never affect how he feels about me.
there's nothing I can do to make him forgive me.
there's nothing I can do to make him stop hating me.
people may think that I hate him.
but I don't.
I don't hate him.
I only love him and I'd never leave him again if only he loved me.
the only reason why I leave is because he hates me.
the only reason I don't want to be with him is because he's happy.
he's better off without me.
he's living a better life without me in it.
soon he will always be happy because I will be gone forever.
just one more year of his sorrows and he'll be free from me.
just one more year of his looks of pain.
just one more year...
one more year...
...and I'll never be able to tell him how I really feel...
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Name The Shelbynator 3000
Occupation living life
Birthday April 16th, 1991
Interests writing poetry taking pictures breathing sleeping crying listening to music singing talking hanging out computerizing and other things that interest me.
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Music anything that doesn't annoy or bore me like Yellowcard Fall Out Boy Snow Patrol Killers Switchfoot All-American Rejects and so on. I just can't stand rap because it's everywhere. sometimes I'll be ok with it just not all the time.
Movies not really any good movies lately.
TV Shows well right now I don't really watch TV. but if I were I'd watch things on Adult Swim Cartoon Network Disney Nick Family TBS USA and SciFi. anything that interest me in other words.
Books I don't really read much anymore. but the ones I like are fantasy fiction horror and teen drama.