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29 year-old male from San Antonio, TX
Done with school for the second time. Back to real life.
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lonestarlite Esquire
Weird CoincidenceI've been interning at my job for over a year and a half. Its pretty regular for them to hire interns and there's a bunch of us. Dee started working there about 8 months ago. Last night a bunch of the interns went out to happy hour and we got to chatting. As it turns out Dee and I have a lot in common.

We went to the same: High School, Junior High, and Elementary School. And to top that she grew up about 1000 ft. from where I did. She's a year older than me but our birthdays are about a week apart. So strange that we never met. Actually thats about ALL we have in common, haha.

I don't think we'll become fast friends despite sharing so many common reference points. Even our reactions to such a seemingly impossible coincidence were polar opposites. She was over the top and completely incredulous, almost to the point of denial. She was still talking about it today at work. I quietly accepted it, and I was surprised by it, there wasn't much physical reaction on my part.

It was really strange to find out someone has been in and around your circles and environment for so long and you never noticed them. Puts things into perspective as to how small we are and how much goes unnoticed.
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