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Why am I a RoosterTeeth fan?I'm a RoosterTeeth fan because of Barbara Dunkleman. I remember when I first met her at RTX 2011. Actually... I thought she was a total weirdo... So... I guess thats not why I watch RoosterTeeth. Truthfully she's cool but the obsession with dicks and puns is a little over the top.

I am a fan of RooserTeeh in all aspects. The community is amazing. The bonds they've formed over the years, the relationships they've built, I don't really participate in it, but the fact that they're doing it, I respect that. Red vs Blue is what first brought me to RoosterTeeth. I didn't even use the site, I found the episodes wherever I could torrent them online. The jokes and story were always hilarious to me. Then I discovered the RoosterTeeth website. I felt like an idiot for not finding it sooner. I became an instant fan of all the shorts and comics and podcasts. Once I started in I was hooked. I binged through everything I could find on RoosterTeeth.com. I became a sponsor soon after that as a way of contributing to the cause.

The reason I am a RoosterTeeth fan is because of the content. All of the shows and the jokes and the characters have provided me with hours upon hours of enjoyment. RoosterTeeth is my favorite entertainment portal. I've been apprehensive about each growth the company has gone through over the years. Adding many new employees and the merger with Fullscreen worried me that the content would be changed or what I liked about all the shows would be watered down in someway. However, RoosterTeeth has retained its character through each change, and now they've been producing even more content for me to enjoy.

I am a RoosterTeeth fan because of RoosterTeeth. I can't wait for Lazer Team and all of the future programing. @RTContests
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