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Its not just stuff...I recently was the victim of a burglary in which my gun safe was stolen. The entire safe. They pulled it out and dragged it away. Most of the stuff is just stuff and it can all burn for all I care. But some of the guns in that safe have a sentimental value. They are place holders of memories and moments in my life. They are totems or portkeys.

There was an old .22 pump rifle that was taken. It belonged to my great grandfather and was given to me by my grandmother. It was about 70 years old from the research I did on it. It was something special to me and I remember the day it was given to me.

A revolver that was stolen was given to my dad by his neighbor years ago. She was an older woman and her husband had passed away. My dad always mowed her yard for her and trimmed her trees and helped her out around the house if she asked. When she eventually sold the house and moved she gave him this beautiful Ruger .44 magnum revolver in stainless steel. It was my dad's good samaritan. I love that story and that pistol always reminded me of it.

My Winchester hunting rifle was given to me by my grandfather and he and various members of my family used it for deer hunting. Its the only gun I have ever used for deer hunting. My grandfather was with me when I used it to take my first deer. It had all of these little quirks that you had to know about to fire it accurately. It reminded me so much of my grandfather because almost everything he owns is that way. You must "hold your mouth just right" to get it to work.

There were other guns that I have built or modified with my friend and it is sad to lose those but we have time to build new guns and memories. The memories associated with my grandparents and my father cannot be so easily replaced. This journal is a placeholder for these memories and I will do my best to keep them independently.

The burglar did not just steal things, he stole memories and stories, those things cannot be replaced.
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