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29 year-old male from San Antonio, TX
Done with school for the second time. Back to real life.
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Weird CoincidenceI've been interning at my job for over a year and a half. Its pretty regular for them to hire interns and there's a bunch of us. Dee started working there about 8 months ago. Last night a bunch of the interns went out to happy hour and we got to chatting. As it turns out Dee and I have a lot in common.

We went to the same: High School, Junior High, and Elementary School. And to top that she grew up about 1000 ft. from where I did. She's a year older than me but our birthdays are about a week apart. So strange that we never met. Actually thats about ALL we have in common, haha.

I don't think we'll become fast friends despite sharing so many common reference points. Ev...
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