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People hang on my every word, even the prepositions. I can speak French, in Russian. I have been known to cure Narcolepsy simply by walking into the room. My organ donor card also lists my beard. I'm a lover, not a fighter...but I'm also a fighter, so don't get any ideas. The police often question me, just because they find me interesting. My beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body. My blood smells like Cologne. I once had a mnage trois by myself. I once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels. My business card simply says 'I'll call you.' I am the most interesting man in the world.
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Fit for RTX PlanAfter watching the latest podcast (215) I finally decided to get serious about exercising (I figure if they can do it, then so can I).

After a year of unemployment, sitting around playing video games and subsisting on water and crackers for most of it I was pretty lean (THIS IS NOT an endorsement for losing weight [it's dangerous and miserable]). However, I just recently got a pretty decent desk job and have been packing on the pounds since I can finally afford to eat (I gained 20 lbs. in less than three weeks). I've started getting a beer gut and can't fit into my suit without leaving the button unbuttoned.

I've been saying I'd start going to the gym more for the past few months, since this all started, but I really can't be bothered; and thus my figure hasn't changed.

However, watching the last podcast inspired me to start doing something about this problem. I've developed an enjoyable way to exercise while at work and at home. I call it the Fit for RTX Drinking Exercise Game, and it goes like this:

The rules differ depending what you're watching at the time, but here are the basics:

Podcasts (new and old):
- When Gavin asks a hypothetical
= 10 situps
- When the conversation is steered towards Gavin's John Thomas, or anyone's in general
= 20 pushups
- When Gavin's beer starts to overflow or otherwise spills
= 15 situps
- When Burnie starts laughing uncontrollably
= 15 situps
- When they start talking about extremely local topics
= 15 pushups
- When Joel (could be anyone, but mostly Joel) talks over someone
= 10 situps
- When Joel slams the table (older podcasts)
= 10 pushups
- When Joel starts "calling things" (DYY! DYY!)
= 10 pushups, 10 situps
- When Barbara makes a pun
= sigh and do 20 situps
- When you hear Geoff's awesome laughter (older podcasts)
= 15 situps
- When you come across a story made into and RTAA
= 10 situps, 10 pushups
- When a sponsor break comes up
= as many situps or pushups you can do until it's over

These are just some of many rules you can implement, feel free to come up with more.

Minecraft Let's Plays:
- When Jack gets mad at the group and goes off by himself
= 10 Jumping Jacks (get it!?!)
- When Geoff laughs like a madman
= 10 situps
- When Gavin tries to mess with other peoples' stuff
= 10 pushups
- When Gavin makes up a word
= 10 situps or pushups (but, alternate because this will happen frequently)
- When Michael screams at Gavin
= 10 situps
- When Ryan laughs like Seth Rogen
= 10 situps
- When any of the following phrases are heard: "God dammit Geoff", "Michael! NOOO!", "MOGAR!!!", "Whelp!", "I mean, YOLO right?", "I'm gonna build a house"
= 15 of whatever you choose
- When Ray throws roses
= 10 pushups
- When Ray goes cakeless
= 10 situps
- When they all burst into random song
= 20 situps
- When someone falls in lava
= 15 pushups
- When someone gets Creeped
= 15 situps
- When Geoff wins the Tower
= 50 situps or pushups, or both
- When Jack wins the Tower
= 50 jumping Jacks
- When Michael wins the Tower
= 35 pushups
- When Gavin wins the Tower
= 100 situps and pushups
- When Ray wins the Tower
= 20 situps and pushups
- When Ryan wins the Tower
= 35 situps

I limited it mostly to situps and pushups, becauese that's usually the most I can do at work, but feel free to modify this in any way. Again, much more can be added if you wish, this is just for me and I'm pretty tired by the end of it. Hopefully, I'll get back to my previous weight of 175 lbs. and stay that way. This is not all I'm doing to lose the weight. I'm going to be eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and eating proper portions. And don't forget to run around the block a few times.
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