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19 year-old male from Trenton, MI
Hi there guys, my name is Luke and I'm from Trenton, MI (about 20 miles southeast of Detroit). My GT is CAPN MORGAN 220 so go ahead and throw me a friend request there or here, just clarify who you are on the site if you send a XBL request. I (for now) am accepting random friend requests, and am putting all of my friends onto my watchlist. I just made this in September but I've been a fan of RoosterTeeth for almost 4 years now. I try to be active in the forums and just paid for sponsorship (yay) and hope to kick ass and take names. Hell yeah.
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College ProblemsSo, for those of you who are in college (and a warning to those about to start), why must counselors be so willing to help you graduate, but give you access to classes you cannot take? I signed up, registered, and began my classes only to get an email AFTER the semester started saying that I've been cut from 2 courses for not meeting the proper prerequisites, but then refused to state what the prereqs were that I must have completed. So now I have to go make an appointment and sign up for different classes that probably are hard to get into since the semester has already began.

College struggle.
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