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LukeTP5995 Loo
19 year-old male from Trenton, MI
Just talk to me. You'll learn more than you've ever wanted to. Best (and most attractive) admin of Team DBAH. Currently streaming whatever I play most weekend nights.

Skype: lukepacheco
Twitch: Lukep5995
Snapchat: Lukep5995
*Please atleast send me a message on here before adding me. I was always told to avoid strangers.*

Be my friend, because chances are I really want to be yours. :D
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LukeTP5995 Loo
So... PS4...So my best friend inherited some money recently from his father's passing. He's had a rough childhood and so I've helped him with a lot both financially and just in general. So today, we were hanging out and he's renting out a house soon and so we were looking for things to buy. He expressed interest in buying a PS4, so we did.

He came back to my house and we set up to see how it was because he was going to be here for a while. Eventually, he just looked at me and asked me how I like my PS4. Mine? It's not mine, it's his.

But, it's not. The stupid motherfucker bought me a goddamn PS4 as well as Second Son, Wolfenstein, and the Last of Us Remastered. I love t...
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