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20 year-old male from Trenton, MI
Just talk to me. You'll learn more than you've ever wanted to. Best (and most attractive) admin of Team DBAH. Currently streaming whatever I play most weekend nights.

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E3 Coverage (so far) Opinions:So far, from what I saw, Sony and Microsoft both did some huge announcements and big release coverage. Personally, I think that Microsoft won E3 just by announcing backwards compatibility and Rare Replay. Lots of the Rare games were what I played as a kid and being able to relive my childhood on my new console is strange but awesome to think about. As for backwards compatibility, I know that they said it wouldn't be all of the games right at launch, but most of the big name titles and then hundreds more will come rolling out throughout the months. While I will never use it, the Virtual Reality tease with Minecraft was pretty sweet. And Halo 5. They didn't show as much of it as I would've liked, but... That gameplay looked so sexy. I just hope they don't fuck it all up with the story... Halo 4 wasn't as amazing as I had hoped, so I wish the best for how they're doing this "traitor story".

Sony announced FF7 remake, which I believe what announced a while ago if I remember correctly, but they actually showed something for it and that makes me really excited.

As for the rest of the conferences, almost all of the games that were announced seemed great, I'm really glad I was able to watch them and I'm seriously excited for this next year/year and a half of games.
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