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21 year-old male from Walnut, CA
Currently Playing: Team Fortress 2 (Hat Quest 3: The Quest For More Hats)
Currently Watching: The Walking Dead
Currently Anticipating: BIOSHOCK INFINITE~!

You know what sucks? Seeing NO RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS
But I don't work that way. Send me all the friend requests you want!

Wanna know about me. Alright. I play Team Fortress 2, I watch Rooster Teeth religiously, and I strive to one day become the PC Achievement Hunter for RT. There is nothing more to know.
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I GOT MENTIONED IN THE PODCAST~!.... (Sort of)Burnie mentioned someone, (Me~) that told him if he google imaged "stupid brit", then Gavin was 2nd, and that person was me! One day I'll get my named mentioned. One day....
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Name Matthew Rugamas
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