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23 year-old male from Tuscaloosa, AL
Everyone's favorite crazy, ADHD, anime-watching, Mythbusters-watching, explosion-loving, High-school student

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IT'S BEEN A LONG TIMEIt has been a loooooong time since I last did anything major here. I have been doing a lot of stuff, including helping cleanup T-Town and taking college classes. This semester has been particularly tough, especially Statics and Algorithms. I have already started finals, so hopefully i can get through.
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Name Clay
Occupation High School Student/ Ninja-in-training
Birthday January 7th, 1992
Interests Naruto Bleach Inuyasha(sort of) Red vs Blue soccer World War 2 Video Games Things that are shiny go "Bang" "Boom" and other things.
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TV Shows Naruto Bleach Mind Of Mencia Colbert Report Mythbusters ect.