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33 year-old male from Ottawa, On. Canada
Currently Playing: GTA4, Halo 3, Rock Band.
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forumI can't seem to post a new forum topic. I had a good one too.
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Name Tyson
Occupation hmmmmm
Birthday March 4th, 1982
Interests Photography Art books Video games Wasting time ...... thats always fun ....
Games Show 19 More
Music Korn Saliva Incubus Pink Floys Nirvana... pritty much anything i seem to be lissing to at the time is what i like ... exsept that damn Disco and country..... damn hilbillyhippies....
Movies Saw is the all time. but new ones come all the time.
TV Shows Don't watch much T.V. it rots the brain but if i have to i guess Famely Guy and Two guys a Girl and a Pizza Place..... now thats old yaaa....
Books It The Stand I really hate to admit it but Harry potter .... all of them The Davinchie Code Some Comic books.... but not really .... just sometimes when im really board