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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
31 year-old male from Benghazi, Libya
I'm a Libyan, and I'm an American. I'm both, but at the same neither. A wandering vagabond, never settling in one place for too long. Always moving, always searching.

At this moment i feel at home, i feel one, i feel like i belong; but soon, I will be moving on.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
DRUNK PEOPLE!!! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!first of all, me post:

and then, me after

now, story time: So fortunately, my roomate was super cool in not only taking me to the dentist today to have my wisdom tooth removed, but to also drive me back home. All the time i was like, "Yeah, I just need a ride there, but its ok I can get a taxi back home." MAN WAS I WRONG

All I remember was putting my phone and flipflops on the side as I sat on the operating table. The Doc was like, you feeling it yet? And I was like, I aint feelin shi--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

After that, everything was blurry. I remember a car. I remember something about Jack in the Box. There might have been some milk shake, then POOF! I...
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