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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
31 year-old male from Benghazi, Libya
I'm a Libyan, and I'm an American. I'm both, but at the same neither. A wandering vagabond, never settling in one place for too long. Always moving, always searching.

At this moment i feel at home, i feel one, i feel like i belong; but soon, I will be moving on.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
I sta--taggedLooks like this is something that's going on a lot around here. so here it goes.
(Note: If i tagged you, don't get all pissy pants and say "I don't do this kinda shi...". It's all for fun and for the sake of boredome guys. VIVA LA d'ennui

Username: MadManMoe
Age: 32
From: Libya
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