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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
32 year-old male from Benghazi, Libya
I'm a Libyan, and I'm an American. I'm both, but at the same neither. A wandering vagabond, never settling in one place for too long. Always moving, always searching.

At this moment i feel at home, i feel one, i feel like i belong; but soon, I will be moving on.

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madmanmoe Muslim4Life
Project M ContinuesBismillah.

Ok, so I talked about three weeks ago of a project of mine that I'm kicking off. As it stands, its going pretty well...actually, a lot better than I thought actually.

I'm grateful that it has come this far, and I'm super excited about it. Now, I think I need to look forward to the next steps.

I'm currently in the need for a Graphic artist to design me a kickass logo. this is just phase 1 of my project. I'm starting off slow to try and build up momentum.

So, if any artists out there would like to be hired for this task, I would be glad to pay. Note that this will continue to go on and improve, eventually i'm going to need a 3-D rendering-video-effect-maker-thingy guy too (what Monty did!), but that's a little further down the line.

If you would like to be hired, please leave me either a sample on this journal or contact me directly by message.

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