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A brief update.I don't visit this site very often since the comics stopped and RVB became less appealing to me. I also decided not to renew my sponsorship. Maybe things will change in the new year.

This year's been tough. First my dog passed away in February, and my aunt passed away in August. Even my sister's hamster passed away not long ago, but they usually only live for two years or so. Despite these hard times, we've persevered. I've been volunteering at a local charity shop for a year now, and I've loved just about every day of it. I plan to commit more time to it next year. The company my dad works for is being sold, and he's going to stay on as an advisor for another eight years before being paid enough money to retire comfortably. We've got our eyes on a lovely house not far from where we live now, and if we can find a buyer in the next six months or so, it's as good as ours. I also went to San Diego Comic Con again this year, this time with badges for all four days as well as the preview night.

I hope you've all had a good year, and I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year...assuming the world doesn't end by then :D.
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