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19 year-old male from Daly City, CA
My name is Marcel Romasanta. I was born in Las Vegas and moved to Daly City California. I loved games since I was 6. I grew up with Nintendo and loved first-person shooters like my first 007: Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64! I became a hardcore gamer when I turned 11 and played a game I thought was dumb, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I love the competitions and I just became a natural. I love first-person shooters and I will barley play others. Making a account on Rooster Teeth was a chance for me to make friends with players that love to do the same thing I love to do.
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A Great IdeaTo keep in touch with all of my friends on Rooster Teeth, I put them in my Watching section. Because of that, I will be able to see all of the things my friends are up to. I want all of my friends to know about that because it would make us talk to each other much more, like friends. I will sent out this a message about this so that this would be in use. 2/12/12
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Name Marcel
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