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Male from Germany
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General: *salutes
Username: my actual, real name
Age: y-1989 if d≥344, y-1990 if d<344 where y=current year, d=current day of the year
From: Germany, parents from Korea
Sponsor: I used to be a sponsor but then I took an arro- never mind
Date Joined: 11/13/09 after about six months lurking
Last Signed in: 2 days ago

Rooster Teeth Content:
First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red vs Blue episode 1
Last Podcast you watched: 292
Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Burnie
Did you watch an RT video today: all day, every day
-If yes Which one: Let’s Play Trouble in Terrorist Town
-If no why not: -
Favorite RT Series: Red vs Blue (Season 8: Revelation)
Favorite RT video: Nature Town: Attack of the Sloth, Nature Town not the best series but that episode was insane

RT Site:
Current Number Of Notifications: 2
Name of first Journal: One
Name of you latest Journal: Ray of Light
Last Photo you uploaded: sunset at Vancouver beach
Last Thread you commented on: probably in the Words group
First group in you group list: Words
Last Private message sent to: TacoPowerPhD

Achievement Hunter:
Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: n/a
Team Lads or Team Gents: love ’em all
Favorite Achievement Hunter: Rey cuz just blaez
Minecraft Skin: Red Creeper Hoodie with black eyes and hair, looks like me... or any Asian really
Favorite AH show: Llllet’s Play (Minecraft)

The Community:
Favorite Group: Words
Have you gone to a community event: no, not enough community for an event here
Have you gone to RTX: not yet
Favorite Fellow Community member: TacoPowerPhD of course
Tag 5 people to do this: no
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