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Ray of LightFor nine months I used to work at a children’s psychiatry. Every child I met had their own story. This is the story of Ray.
I call him Ray because he was like a little ray of sunshine. He was one of the very young ones, only five or six years old. He liked to play a lot and laugh a lot. I think, like most kids, he was there because of ADHD, but unlike most others, he didn’t mind being there very much. I guess he was too young to see a stigma in being at such a facility. Sure, he missed his regular kindergarten and was glad when he got to go back and see his friends, but the few weeks he was there, he didn’t worry about why he was there or what others would think about him. He was just there, did his homework, played games, and had fun.
I think a lot of times we worry about things in our head more than we need to. What seems like a giant problem or concern for us, occupies our mind all day, and keeps us up at night, turns out to be no big deal in the end. Maybe we need to worry less about things to come and try to enjoy the present more. Maybe we should think less about how things ought to be or about what others think. Maybe the key to being happy is just allowing yourself to be happy. Maybe we should try to just do our homework, play games, and have fun.
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