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23 year-old male from Kodak, Tennessee
I heard of red vs blue from a friend and was instantly hooked, had a profile before but some how it's not on here anymore. Now I'm a Sponsor again and love it. I was a PlayStation 2 person till the 360 came out. First game I bought was Halo 3. I am a gamer, but I can't really play for hours and hours on end, like Goeff said in one of the Drunk Tank Podcast. I lose interest after a hour or so, unless I'm at a friends house. I have been working on computers since I was a kid, and now I'm a head manager at a computer repair company. I watch anime when I can. See you on the gaming field friend or foe.
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Download link "thanks"I read the post about the download link fix for sponsor, and Liston to the pod cast about it. Thank you for fixing the problem and putting it up on the RvB season ten Roosterteeth staff you guys and girls ROCK!!!!
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