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26 year-old male from Scenic New Jersey
I like to play Halo 2 online (tag is masta ENGINE), listen to music, work, watch Red vs. Blue
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Halo 2I just realized im awesome at this game. Alright coagulation, ctf classic, game over, the second highest kills beside me was 11, i got 33. I got an overkill, where the guy says "un fricken believable", and I was basically sniping the entire game. Alright another time, matchmaking on burial mounds, my entire team got pissed and quit. To make a long story short, I won. 28 to 21. I got a lot of friend requests that time.
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YES! I am done with the downloadation of every red vs. blue.
I am soooooooo glad
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Name Joe
Birthday July 21st, 1988
Music Nightwish Blind Guardian Rhapsdoy Stratovarius Elvenking Kamelot Dionysus Dream Evil Halo 2 soundtrack biotch many more
Movies Lord of the Rings iRobot Spaceballs Young Frankenstein Mummy Returns and more.
TV Shows Basically reality tv sucks so the only thing left is the toons. Invader Zim (hells yeah) SNL Mad TV assorted other stuff