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26 year-old male from Seattle, WA

Yo, I just like to kick it and have a good time. I am also from Seattle Washington, what more do you need to know?

Please, no random friend requests. Thank you.

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WOW..Every time I login, it always been forever since the last time I did. Every time I also keep saying im gonna get on here more, but every time that is a lie. Unfortunately real life has taken over. I'm not that little kid anymore from 8 years ago who would spend every waking day possible on here. Life happens and takes control. If im not working for RT Themselves, then I don't find myself on here much. I do wan to change that, but, its a matter of remembering to. I've missed like the last three seasons on here, and I don't even stop by the RT booth much when the guys are in town for PAX Prime.

A lot of shit has happened as of late. None of it good. Girlfriend broke up with me back in July and so that's been pretty hard to get over. On anti-depressants amongst doing other things to get over it was with her for 4.5 years.. Its not something one can get over with overnight. Anyways, hope all is well. I will try to be on here more, but I can't guarantee it.
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Name MastaChief3
Occupation Student
Birthday June 25th, 1989
Interests Music Kickin it Xbox Reading Flying Girls ULTIMATE FRISBE and lots of other stuff Seattle Seahawks BoyScouts.
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Music Pink Floyd Led Zepplin The Who The Beatles Black Eye Pease mostly Classic rock though. I like Rap and pop but none worth saying.
Movies My Favorite Movies are the STAR WARS FILMS. other movies are Top Gun 2 Fast 2 Furious The Matrix series Art of War Stargate the Movie Back To the Future and lots of other movies.
TV Shows Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis Battlestar Galactica That 70's show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Desperate Housewives (I know I know but i find that show hilarious and pretty interesting) Smallville Family Guy Whose Line is It Anyway Beauty and the Geek (That show is fucking hilarious) A-Team (I pitty the fool who dont like Red vs. Blue) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (The Original Series. I though Kimberly (the Pink Ranger) Was hella hot.) Room Raiders Las Vegas Seattle Seahawks.
Books Some books and types of books that I like are Sci-Fi Harry Potter To Kill a Mocking Bird Farenheight 451 Chronicles of Narnia and some Literature.