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29 year-old male from No wear, CA
So when things get going, you need to get going to. I think I'm trying to live my life by that filosify. I think I'm not do to bad ether. As you may or may not know, I created the Girls of RVB Calendar in 06. I plan on starting the next one soon. I would appreciate any help that any one can offer. Its not the Monalisa but it can be overwhelming with a full load at school and working at Office Max takes up all my time.

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Spider-Man 2007So I have for the last two days been working on some thing i started quite a while ago. I thought that if Spider-man was made to day what would his costume look like. this is my interpretation of it. its not done but i will be finishing this model with in the week so keep tuned.
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Name Ryan
Occupation Lazy ass
Birthday July 21st, 1985
Interests Movies Xbox Live 3D modeling sleeping team slayer animating writing getting paid The opposite sex getting the hell out of here.
Music linkin park Weezer Gorilas A little Jay Z Papa Roach Slightly Stupid Sublime Beck Disturbed Incubus Live N.E.R.D. P.O.D. RageAgainstTh Machine System Of A Down Bush Gavin Rossdale the old Blink 182 Franz Ferdinand Switchfoot thrice Shinedown Queen Gavin DeGraw
Movies Back to the Future Star wars The 5th Element Fight Club The Great Escape Spiderman Spiderman 2 Saving Private Ryan cellular Eurotrip K-19 LOTR Indiana Jones Underworld Harold and Kumar go to White Castle Up in Smoke Galaxy Quest robin hood men in tights Army of darkness Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Chasing Amy Clerks Dogma Grind Orange County The Shawshank Redemption Fear and Loathing in las Vegas the time machine George A Romero's Dead Films
TV Shows Red Dwarf Stargate Atlantis Lost The Apprentice CSI Law and Order Spaced Smallville Attack of the show Roswell
Books I won’t say a have a favorite book seeing that my step mother forced me to read so much when I moved in with them "bitch" but if I had to pic I really like the LOTR sires