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27 year-old male from Kansas City, MO
What is there to know? I am a bit of a Role Player. Full of useless information. And able to find the strangest of stuff...not the likelihood of me posting it is slim but hey I find it.
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Master_Snipe's Demo-ReviewWell first time doing this. Yet really this Demo deserves a Review as I was highly impressed by the content and the start of the story of a JRPG that is out there and awesome. Cannot deny that it has to be a to one of 2014's Top Best RPGs.

The Demo in question is Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. I won't go into details. All I can say is that the character play is basically a Stud of a man in the sense of power. So much so. Any Atlus Persona Protagonist would have a run for their money against this dude. He is a REAL Player.

Really if you like JRPGs. Like the Sim like qualities of a Dating Sim. Which does serve a propose in the gameplay. Also some characters will overtime love.

I give the Thumbs up on this title. A must by for either Vita or 3DS. There is no real differences between the two versions. Besides the 3DS will have better management system with the bottom screen. Yet it all comes down to you and your fanboyness. Atlus has published a winner of a title to steer our JRPG cravings from them for a time until the other Persona titles are released from them.
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