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27 year-old male from Kansas City, MO
What is there to know? I am a bit of a Role Player. Full of useless information. And able to find the strangest of stuff...not the likelihood of me posting it is slim but hey I find it.
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Oh Happy DaysWell haven't posted one of these journal thingies in a long time. May come around and do up my typical Master_Snipe's Gaming Reviews of past and present games. My thoughts on them and how I felt about them.

Though I can say two weeks ago. I had my 27th Birthday or has my little brother put it. It was his birthday but he is four and likes blowing out candles. I let him have his fun. Really I maybe growing older, wiser in some regard, and really maturing? Eh...depends on the moment. I am pretty much a big kid still. Is that wrong? I don't think so. No, hair falling out XP

Still on other news. Gaming wise...I managed to get my hands on the GOD AWFUL AND TRAGIC Star Trek The Game. Y...
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Name Jared
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