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27 year-old male from Kansas City, MO
What is there to know? I am a bit of a Role Player. Full of useless information. And able to find the strangest of stuff...not the likelihood of me posting it is slim but hey I find it.
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Oh Happy DaysWell haven't posted one of these journal thingies in a long time. May come around and do up my typical Master_Snipe's Gaming Reviews of past and present games. My thoughts on them and how I felt about them.

Though I can say two weeks ago. I had my 27th Birthday or has my little brother put it. It was his birthday but he is four and likes blowing out candles. I let him have his fun. Really I maybe growing older, wiser in some regard, and really maturing? Eh...depends on the moment. I am pretty much a big kid still. Is that wrong? I don't think so. No, hair falling out XP

Still on other news. Gaming wise...I managed to get my hands on the GOD AWFUL AND TRAGIC Star Trek The Game. You know the one that I felt is a crime in itself of the reboot of Star Trek with a younger Kirk and Spock. Yeah that game. It was tragic. It has so much hope and yet it seems like so many of Namco Bandai games. They are half finish. Still rate this game at a 4.3 out of 10. It had some good moments and then your hit by the terrible AI and just kills it. Plus the Enterprise does not have Anti-Proton Cannons!!! >.< -Nerd Trekie Rage- RAAAAWWWWRRRR

-Channel Flips-

Well in yesterday news. Steam has finally not lie to me and is in fact selling their Steam Wallet Money Cards at Wal-Mart in my area. So now I don't have to groan and drag myself to GameStop to get one. At least I can get a discount at Wal-Mart....what? Saving money is good.


I was right about one thing. Destiny is nothing more than overly hyped up Bungei Game. I still say it looks like Borderlands without the humor and being cell-shaded colors. Really even if it is early Beta testing. I still say it is overly hyped up because of the company making it. Geez I am more existed for the Halo HD Collection than Destiny....though kinda wish that Halo 2 got its justice and was given the levels we were all shown way back in its Demo. Those were awesome looking levels. XBox One Graphics. EPIC!

-Static after random door breaking down-

Alright random time is over. Maybe may post again. If anyone out there playing Star Trek Online. Let me know. As it is still the best Star Trek Game out there
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