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26 year-old male from Chula Vista(San Diego), CA
my name is Jorge Luna(u can all me George if u want too)i used to go to play football and used to attend Chula vista high school home of the spartans! :D and i will now be attending Southwestern college. well sum stuff about me first off im a very funny person i am very easy to get along with im friendly, i love all my friends, i also play Xbox live on my xbox 360 :] umm anything else ask me and i would be happy to answer :]
oh and Rooster teeth is the BEST!
oh and by the way my gamertag is Luna46
i play gears of war 2 and l4d and halo at times
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drunk tankwell its been a long time but looks like rooster teeth removed drunk tank from the zune market place or atlest i think they did, maybe Microsoft did. well that sucks. i was used to listening to the drunk tank on zune for years. well guess that means ill download itunes just to listen to them. i dont have itunes on my computer but maybe its time just for the drunk tank. i still love rooster teeth! <3
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Name Jorge
Occupation playing Xbox 360, and football
Birthday January 9th, 1989
Interests i love my 360 i also love Rooster teeth for makeing redvsblue which is my favorite show EVER! :D music is a big part in my life also my friends and family i love playing around with my friends i just want to have a good time with my friends :] i love talking in MSN/Aim i love watching football im a big fan of the SD Chargers! i also like to play football too :] but i also love watching other sports like base ball and soccer :]
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Books um..dose playboys count as a book jp lol
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