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Male from a little left of center...
I'm an old (married & fixed) male dog.

All of you Ohioans who view this profile, MUST stop by and say hello! It IS required, Damn it!

(Also, now accepting random friend requests - BUT, you have to write a 300 word essay on why you want to be my friend.)

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Let's play a game...I'm calling it, "Survival Mode". The object is to survive and rebuild your community. Here's how it works:

You wake up in the morning and exactly 1/3 of the world's population (that's 2,333,333,333 people) has mysteriously vanished. There's no electricity, no radio, no phone, and your cell/mobile doesn't work. You have 24 hours to setup a base of operations, collect the necessary items for survival, and create a team of people that will, not only help you to survive, but will help rebuild your community from scratch. Use the necessary tools at your disposal to help benefit you and everyone around you. You've been put in charge because you have t...
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