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Male from a little left of center...
I'm an old (married & fixed) male dog.

All of you Ohioans who view this profile, MUST stop by and say hello! It IS required, Damn it!

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Let's play a game...I'm calling it, "Survival Mode". The object is to survive and rebuild your community. Here's how it works:

You wake up in the morning and exactly 1/3 of the world's population (that's 2,333,333,333 people) has mysteriously vanished. There's no electricity, no radio, no phone, and your cell/mobile doesn't work. You have 24 hours to setup a base of operations, collect the necessary items for survival, and create a team of people that will, not only help you to survive, but will help rebuild your community from scratch. Use the necessary tools at your disposal to help benefit you and everyone around you. You've been put in charge because you have the most knowledge on survival. Throughout the next few hypothetical months, you will need to deal with bandits, scavengers, and democracy (doing what's best for the community). In this scenario, you must establish a chain of command, security, possibly rationing to conserve resources, delegating authority, and more.

Things you MUST have, right off the bat, are:
Protection (can be weapons, can be protection against the elements, etc.).

The best score out of 100 will win. Points are awarded by originality and creativity, amount of supplies gathered (broken down by the above categories), and best community rebuild.

Post a Journal with the Game's Title as your journal title ['Survival Mode'] and explain in detail how you will go about rebuilding and how you will obtain the necessities for survival - you can make your journal take place over time (days, weeks, months, etc.). Some folks can use a timeline format to show what they are doing, others can just type away like a story.

1) Tag me in the journal (so I know where to look for it.)
2) Link to this journal
3) Tag a friend or two whom you think would play (so that they know they've been chosen to participate).

The winner(s) will get bragging rights and maybe a little something from me for their superior survival skills.

Are you a survivor?
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