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20 year-old male from Bradenton, FL
I'm a 19 year old student Ringling College of Art and Design in the great state of Florida. I play a variety of sports, all recreational. I love playing and reading about video games. In terms of loyalties, I'm a Nintendo fan-boy, cause I'm a loser like that. I've followed Red vs. Blue pretty much from the beginning

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McBoner Weird Boner
RWBY FinaleIt took me 45 minutes to watch 17 minutes of the season finale of RWBY tonight. 45 minutes of wanting to tear my hair out because I could only watch in 15 second bits. Never have I ever had such a problem with this site's changes over the 3+ years of being here. Normally whatever changes I'm totally okay with, but ever since they changed video players to whatever it is now (seemingly unannounced) watching a video has become the most frustrating part of my day. I don't know if its a problem on my end or theirs, but I hope something gets fixed soon.
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