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McLovenYou good wood
27 year-old male from Pittsburg, KS
I am a student at Pittstate, one of two collages that offer a wood tech degree, and that is the program I participate in. I love making things and can't wait to work in a professional shop.
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McLovenYou good wood
24This time last year I was in Austin with 500 great people that helped me have the greatest birthday party ever. This year RT has seen fit to give me a great present that I will cherish all through this season. I don't ask for a lot in life, this year my parents are paying for a tooth that I need pulled. Love and devotion is all I need, and that is what I receive from RT. The love of their work and devotion to bringing together some of the greatest minds in the entertainment world. Thanks Rooster Teeth, for another fantastic year and another amazing birthday.
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Name Emery
Occupation Student, Professional Sandwich Maker
Birthday May 28th, 1988
Interests Smoking cigars hookahs and pipes good beer aged whiskey aged scotch (there is a difference) reading gaming
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