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London - Week 17&18 - Christmas and CoughingSo, I skipped last week, because there wasn't much to talk about.

Unfortunately, there still isn't much to talk about, but I couldn't possibly miss two weeks in a row, so I'm going to crack my knuckles and see if the Uncertainty Principle can help me conjure something out of nothing.

Week 17 was a week filled with limping to the holidays. This isn't to say I was having trouble, but I was getting a little tired, and two weeks off was a very welcome reprieve. I said farewell to two of my colleagues, who won't be returning in 2015, which was sad, but then, I'll be saying farewell to everyone else soon enough.

As for Christmas, well, this is the first time I've spent Christmas alone. That, too, was quite a welcome reprieve. All the social duties that come with this sort of thing are exhausting, and getting to skip on them for a year? Totally worth the lack of loot.

What was far less welcome was the fact that the cold ruling over London finally hit me on Christmas Day and left me bedridden for a couple of days. So much for my legendary immune system that takes no shit from no germs!

But, you know, a man recovers, and I still have a week off to do whatever I feel like.

Oh, and I bought myself a little Christmas present. A little holiday cheer never goes amiss.

To 2015!
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