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I do believe you are behind on your weight loss progress updates. Bad Paul.
7 months ago  |  Conversation
By three months >.<
#1  Posted 7 months ago
Aoina Secrets
Hey how's it going?! :D
1 year ago  |  Conversation
OboeCrazy Sponsor
You are awesome at Grifball and life.
1 year ago  |  Conversation
I'm a fool. All the time you were in Deutschland and it never occurred to me to tell you to stock up on bleigiessen kits. A traditional New Year's Eve activity of melting tin objects and predicting what the next year will hold for you by the shapes made by the melted tin. Like Kinder surprises they are a simple toy that's forbidden to import to the US. Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de won't sell them to me. So frustrating!!!
2 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Zing!
oh yeah I did that during New Year's. I even managed to screw it up at first. In typical German blunt fashion, "You are the worst at this that I have ever met." :P
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Hey don't forget the grifball tournament tonight at 5:30 est.
2 years ago  |  Conversation
thanks for the reminder, I'll make sure to add it to my phone calendar
#1  Posted 2 years ago
2 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Zing!
We have a new challenger! Which is great, I go through challengers too quickly nowadays thanks to my new strength and fitness training :P

Trying to tread water while in Germany, looking forward to being back in the States *sigh water drop anime symbol over forehead* Not bad I guess, but I sort of fee...
#3  Posted 2 years ago
Back to working downtown TO, following my post-grad. Exhausted, but happy enough. What else can you ask for, right?

Friend me, yo. Or, you know, re-friend me. Is that also an RFR?
#4  Posted 2 years ago
Moeparker Ghost
Yes I do so love my little flag counter. Lets me know when the KGB are ogling my profile.
2 years ago  |  Conversation
Cheshire_Cat Sponsor
ha ha! feel my panda plush PAIN! Any plush version isn't nearly as cute. Somehow they morph it into an unattractive red raccoon and it sucks.
2 years ago  |  Conversation
That's the same thing I thought. I spent maybe 30 minutes looking throughout and they're all so crappy. Is the secret behind red pandas that they have an adorable aura not reproducible not even in plush form?
#1  Posted 2 years ago
Marduk RTX 2014
Either I missed it, or you took down your post apocalyptic nerf gang image. I demand you bring it back immediately!
2 years ago  |  Conversation
I never leave my fans hanging! It was a whiles into my gallery.

#1  Posted 2 years ago
Yin Word Nerd
God...you're adorable and annoying. And annoying. What a destructive relationship I have with you.
2 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Zing!

HA! Noticed the Team Marathon Runners title card. Awesome. So old.....

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3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Ditto
te amo boriqua.

Pardon my French.

I love you.
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Zing!
I can at least say that it may end up melting today due to it being sunny. I kinda hoped it would last for a little longer.
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Cool
More or less the same as like when New England (where I normally preside over) got their freak snow blanketing for Halloween about a month back. It's like the universe is planning against me to keep me in a snowless apocalypse. It's the reason I'm afraid of traveling to the arctic nor...
#1  Posted 3 years ago
I can understand how you feel. My mom and I moved from Pittsburgh to get away from most of the weather actually.
#2  Posted 3 years ago
Thanks Paul, you always write me a lovely variation of the poem. I'm actually on here looking for one of your iterations to use for my party guests tonight haha. Thank you again, take care of yourself and hopefully I will get to see you sooner rather than later in the coming year.
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Ditto
Little? I'm hoping you mean metaphorically =P Don't you come up to my belly button or something?

And thanks my dear =) I never thought this little person would be getting married either...
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Zing!
In my eyes, anything I can throw over my shoulder is little, and unless you're over 500lbs now then I'm sure you're still little Manda to me ;P And no, I come up to your ribs now. I wear these all day work out sneakers that give me like 1/2" of height, so I'm catching up! ^_^...
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Noooooo, really?? That was a no in a disbelieving way but definitely a yessssss in an 'I'll keep Saturday freed up' kind of way - how exciting! I'm so nervous!!
3 years ago  |  Conversation
99 red balloons would entail a lotta love for the Left Party!
3 years ago  |  Conversation
I guess we could make them into a lot of colors to keep it fair and balanced, but that's going to be awfully hard to turn into a catchy song with 11 green 11 red 11 yellow 11 blue 11 gray 11 black 11 white 11 orange 11 pink balloons instead.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
Did you see what they did to Atlas Park??
3 years ago  |  Conversation
They changed the MENUS?! BAH! Forget that, I'm selling my account on ebay ;P That's good that they finally revamped those, they've been stale. Though now I can only imagine the nightmare my MM's menus will look like when I log them back in. Also if they ever decided to add Save B...
#8  Posted 3 years ago
I canceled my alt account, my main account I'm keeping active doing that yearly pay deal when it pops up since its cheaper... bear in mind that I'm buying 2 accounts that way so the 3rd can go bye-bye, hate to loose all of those 50s but I'm so crazy busy I almost never play
#9  Posted 3 years ago
john DP_Cam Op_AC
You were missed my friend

no homo
3 years ago  |  Conversation
Looks like we have a beta invite for the next issue!

I ended up canceling one of my accounts, I'm just not on like I used to be
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Cool
Not sure if this is your department, but:
Near the bottom, one of the newest posts.
3 years ago  |  Conversation
Cheshire_Cat Sponsor
hehe AWESOME! Solar Powered Keyboardists UNITE!
3 years ago  |  Conversation
At least my floor is clean now.
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 1 Zing!
You could have just made your own electromagnets for cheap. Just gotta wind some big wires around some lightposts and get a huge current source. Would be much easier to form a defensive perimeter that way.
3 years ago  |  Conversation
MrJacinto Freeloader
What does it mean?
jquery/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js"> ?>
3 years ago  |  Conversation
No, well I love sweeties actually. Nom nom nom!

The coincidence: I looked up Rhode Island on google maps to see where you come from, because I never know where or what all these places in America are. And you live near a place called Exeter, which is where *I* live! But in England! And near a place called Greenwich, which is my home in London! And near all these other English name places. It's freaky yo!
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 2 Zing!
Oh wow! Oh wowowow we have more in common than ever before! German is quite hard though. But you will love it there. You will love the beer.

Also I just found out something, which you may find stalkerish but basically it is an amazing coincidence!!! I will let you know some time.
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 0 WTF
THAT'S EXCITING!! What will you be doing in Braunschweig (apart from drinking gallons of beer?). My Vati grew up there. You can imagine a little boy who looks like Katti running around. Hehe.

It would be amazing to meet you! It's only about two hours away! We can set up RvBBrunswick, where you go to beer gardens rather than conventions. Totally xxx
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  + 0 Cool
Jengaship Forum Mod

If you use Porter on the way back and fly to Boston on Sunday, you might be able to make the math work. Plus, I'd only charge you half for Jengabus.

Something to think about.
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  - 1 WTF
Jengaship Forum Mod
Maybe you could just drive up with us, then? That way, you'd only need a flight or a train back. When do you need to leave TO by?
3 years ago  |  Conversation  |  - 1 WTF
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