With the recent release of the RvB Season 9 soundtrack, we've got tons of awesome tunes available to listen to, but no videos to go along with them.
This is where you guys come in.
We are looking for the best/most epic/most hilarious/most awesome MUSIC VIDEO using songs from the RvB SEASON 9 SOUNDTRACK*.


- You must have your screen name at the beginning of the video
- You may submit only 1 entry (so make it count)
- Videos must be a minimum of 30 seconds
- You must use music from the RvB Season 9 Soundtrack
- You can use anything you'd like-- whether it's you lip-syncing to a webcam, live-action footage with your friends, video game footage, or RT footage, get creative!


3rd Place: RvB Season 9 DVD
2nd Place: Recollection Box Set+ RvB Season 9 DVD
1st Place: XBOX360 Controller signed by RT Cast + RvB Full Series (1-9)

In addition, the top 3 videos will be featured on our website and on our youtube channel!

Note: Only those in North America are eligible for prizes.

How to enter:

-You must be a member of
-Upload your video to YouTube
-Name your video "RvB S9 Soundtrack Contest (so if it's blocked by copyright, we can solve it quickly)
-Submit the link to your video section of your profile, and select that video in the drop-down menu on the contest entry page. We will approve them before they appear in the gallery.

**Contest ends on January 31 at 11:59 PM CST**

Good luck! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

*Don't have the Soundtrack? You can get single songs or the full CD on iTunes, or buy it directly from our store!

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