RTX is fast approaching, and we love hearing how excited everyone is to attend!
In continuing to want to see the talents of our community, for this contest, we want to hear your musical ability!

Bust out those microphones, guitars, pianos, tambourines, harps, wooden spoons-- whatever you need to create some sweet music, because your task for this month's contest is to write and record a song about RTX! So get creative with those lyrics. It can be upbeat, slow and mellow, or whatever you prefer.

- Must be MP3 Format - Song must be over 30 seconds and contain lyrics about RTX
- You must be a member of RoosterTeeth.com to submit an entry
- Must be original content
- You don't have to be attending RTX to enter. Anyone can submit a song.

- 3rd Place will receive a Season 9 soundtrack CD
- 2nd Place will receive a Season 9 soundtrack CD and Season 9 DVD
- 1st Place will receive the entire RvB Music collection, Season 9 DVD, and have their song FEATURED at RTX!

How to enter:
- Make sure you are a registered member of RoosterTeeth.com
- Record your song as an audio file
- Upload your file to the contest page
- Take a nap
- You're done!

Contest ends April 30th, 2012 at 11:59 PM CST and winners will be announced later in the week!

Good luck!