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Quite a nice poster you got here
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Thanks so much!
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Wow this is amazing. nice job
#2  Posted 8 months ago
Kahiau Kahiyao
Oh god. This had better be in the top 5 or i will flip some tables. EXCELLENT WORK.
#3  Posted 8 months ago
ZakHaring FBreakers
I dig it!!!
#4  Posted 8 months ago
BenchMark Keare Lii
God I hope this wins.
#5  Posted 8 months ago
kaosblack21 Your RTX Pal
Wow, that is amazing. I was planning to do something similar with the weapons kind of all placed in one spot, but I don't think I want to try anymore after seeing this. Mine was going to be a shitty hand drawn thing. I think this should definitely be in the top 5 if not win outright.
#6  Posted 8 months ago
Thanks for the kind words! Don't let anything stop you from doing artwork. Part of the fun is putting your thoughts on paper and seeing yourself improve with practice.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
ConanEdogawa Crashing Wo
I wanna make a comment calling this "too professional" but I can't think of a way to word it so it's clear I'm joking and not trying to be mean.
#7  Posted 8 months ago
lol.. I wish I was doing weapon art professionally. Thanks man! ^^
#1  Posted 8 months ago
That's really good
#8  Posted 8 months ago
Wingy_ Sponsor
good stuff right here! hope its a winner :)
#9  Posted 8 months ago
gi_goku RT4LIFE
#10  Posted 8 months ago
paguhwaguh Sponsor
Really awesome and creative :)
#11  Posted 8 months ago
looks awesome! woulda been a nice little joke if Rubys headphones where hung on the weiss's weapon haha.
#12  Posted 8 months ago
heh. I was debating whether to dangle Blake's weapon on Weiss' with those wiring but I felt each weapon deserved it's own space without being in direct contact with each other
#1  Posted 8 months ago
fair enough, if you were gonna tangle them together I would have suggested since yangs are gauntlets use the glove parts to hold rubys scythe. would be a cool idea as well :P
#2  Posted 8 months ago
Very cool. Its got a lot of style and is very professional. One of the top 5, definitely.
#13  Posted 8 months ago
You signed up for 5 days now. And you're now officially AWESOME!!
#14  Posted 8 months ago
SpartanAsh IMU Collab
Really awesome poster. Love it!
#15  Posted 8 months ago
NinjaofGreen DrawingChick
Your poster kicks my poster in the ass. Great work sir.
#16  Posted 8 months ago
Count3D Site Admin
Nice work!
#17  Posted 8 months ago
Naturally Delicious to the eyes. Awesome Work.
#18  Posted 8 months ago
LOL.. haven't had that compliment before. thank you ^^
#1  Posted 8 months ago
wow, this is amazing! I hope this wins!!
#19  Posted 8 months ago
People still amaze me with the RWBY posters. But why aren't there any characters?
#20  Posted 8 months ago
I started off doing a high detail render of Crescent Rose, and one thing led to another and I ended up rendering all 4 prime weapons and then some fiddling around with position gave me the idea to do a weapon-only poster. I didn't feel like butchering Monty's characters with my style ... ...
#1  Posted 8 months ago
That is th best answer someone could type. Anyway do want you like/love and good luck on the contest
#2  Posted 8 months ago
kriss eats rice
I want to buy this.
#21  Posted 8 months ago
#22  Posted 8 months ago
So epic!! I'm actually very VERY new to the whole digital art thing. The two posters I've uploaded are actually the very first art works I've ever done on a computer, so they're not that good. I really hope yours gets a spot and wins, you deserve it.
#23  Posted 8 months ago
Thanks! Keep at it my friend. You'll be amazed how much you improve when you keep analyzing your current technique and always research to learn from others.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
That's really nice, I would buy it
#24  Posted 8 months ago
IkaikaCullen Sponsor
cool poster bro
#25  Posted 8 months ago
Jorome93 Sponsor
Congrats on having your poster being selected as a winning entry!
#26  Posted 8 months ago
hobojim777 CanadaIsCool
now I think this Is cool
#27  Posted 8 months ago
IDivideBy0 Mathlete
This is awesome, love the concept. It was picked as a winner too!
#28  Posted 8 months ago
Emberfang Chesure
Whoa looks very realistic
#29  Posted 8 months ago
This is pretty darn epic
#30  Posted 8 months ago
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