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The good vids are coming probobly by the end of the month, but i hope everyone has fun or likes the music videos anyways! Mine sucks, but the good ones are soon!
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Yours is ok, mines sucks badly :(
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I liked it! Really well-synced with the song.
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Thank you :)
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Huh, now that i think of it...I kinda did sync is pretty good. Like when york says "Will you quit throwing shit?" the song says "Talking shit" almost directly afterwards, when the ODST troopers jetpack for the first time, the music kinda does a "DUN" which fit awesomely...
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Wiles731 Sponsor
hey, its true urs might not win, but at least u have an entry. thats more than i can say for myself. im too lazy.
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Yeah, better to support and have fun than to stress and be an asshole to everybody in the vicinity!
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The beginning looked like it the red and blue teams as well as the freelancers put aside their differences and fought side by side lol awesome
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In reply to Link0326, #4:

Thanks :) I love every single entry in this contest and it's lovely to see what a loveable community that RT has!
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