RenaChanXD's Groups
Marble Hornets Marble Hornets
RT Pacific Northwest RT Pacific Northwest Let's start a RT fan event in the Pacific Northwest!
RoosterTumblr RoosterTumblr Tumblr's smallest fandom, Rooster Teeth's biggest buddy club!
Visual Arts Visual Arts All arts of the visual variety.
I want to change my username I want to change my username I want to change my username... anybody else want to change their's?
Project Cock Byte Project Cock Byte We are just a group of RT fans making an RT game, and you can help!!!
PAX PAX Penny Arcade Expo
Earn A Free Sponsorship Status or Renewal Earn A Free Sponsorship Status or Renewal The name explains all.
The Everyone On This Site Group The Everyone On This Site Group If you're reading this right now, this group is for you.
Gif Factory Gif Factory Man of Chance makes gifs for anyone who requests!
Benevolent Bro Burnie Benevolent Bro Burnie Fans of the meme of the one and only, BURNIE BURNS.
For the Ladies... For the Ladies... A RT Group for women, ladies, and girls. All 6% of us.
Red vs. Blue Uncut Red vs. Blue Uncut A fan project to remake Red vs. Blue
Sburb Sburb For fans of Homestuck who want to play Sburb with John and Company.
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Making the world 20% cooler
Joel. Just Joel. Joel. Just Joel. That's all I need to say.
SideQuest SideQuest Connecting Community and Charity!
Washington state roosterteeth users Washington state roosterteeth users We have tree's but were not canadians eh?
Hula Geoff Photoshoppers Hula Geoff Photoshoppers Putting Hula Geoff where he doesn't belong
Doctor Who Doctor Who For fans of this awesome series. And other Whoniverse stuff; like Torchwood.
minecraft group minecraft group A community for the popular game of Minecraft
New Directions New Directions for fans of Fox's hit series Glee
Geoff and Gus Should Go On The Amazing Race Geoff and Gus Should Go On The Amazing Race A group for Geoff and Gus to get on the Amazing Race.
RWBY RWBY Fans of the upcoming Rooster Teeth Show headed by Monty Oum
Internet Box Internet Box The official Internet Box podcast group!
Hawt Sponsor Chat Girls!!! Hawt Sponsor Chat Girls!!! WE ARE THE COALITION OF RT SEXINESS!
IB FAN FAVOURITE IB FAN FAVOURITE This is where you vote for who made the current episode worth listening to
RTNW RTNW RoosterTeeth NorthWest community fan event
The "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" Group The "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" Group For the lovers of the Tucker's phrase Bow Chicka Bow Wow.
John-117 Fan Club John-117 Fan Club Because he bitch-slaps missles.
Fringe Fringe We can just about remember when a suspect being human was a given, not an option.
Fringe Fans Unite Fringe Fans Unite A group for all the fans of the show by J.J. Abrams
Zero Punctuation Appreciation Group Zero Punctuation Appreciation Group For fans of the charismatic stallion that is Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Your favorite Rooster Teeth podcast moments brought to life!
Rooster Teeth Podcast Rooster Teeth Podcast The official group for Rooster Teeth Podcast
Blue team Blue team Better than the Red Team
Rooster Teeth Comics Rooster Teeth Comics The Official Group for RT Comics
Words Words A support group for people who have used words or have had words spoken to or about them
Invader Zim Invader Zim Invader Zim rocks! Come join the Irken Machine....
Star Wars Star Wars Love, fascination, or even just a passing interest in Star Wars, join us here.
Movie Watchers Movie Watchers A place to watch movies with the RT Community!
Firefly Firefly Do you like Firefly? Of course you do, it's the best show in the verse, join us, and show everyone just how awsome it is!